Tips For Buying An Electric Lawn Mower


Are you in the market for a new mower? If you haven't yet considered buying an electric mower, this is the perfect time to think about switching over. Today's electric mowers are powerful, completely cordless, and avoid all the maintenance issues that come with managing a gas engine. They're environmentally friendly, too!

But with so many battery-powered mowers to choose from, you might not be sure what to look for. Fortunately, buying an electric mower isn't too different from getting a gas version, although a few things are different. We can show you exactly what to look for and how to pick the model that's right for you.

Pay Close Attention to the Mowing Width

An electric lawn mower is the perfect mower for mid-sized to small yards, but you will want to pay close attention to the mowing width. There's a lot of variation in electric mower widths – usually somewhere between 18 and 22 inches. Just a couple inches can make a big different in how you mow your yard, so this is worth some consideration. If you have a larger yard, you should look more a mower with a broader width to help make your mowing sessions easier. Smaller or complicated yards can actually benefit from a smaller width, which makes the mower easier to maneuver around tight corners.

Look for the Basic Mowing Customization Options

There are a couple universal things that you should look for no matter which electric mower you end up choosing. First, look for at least several height settings: You'll want to be able to carefully adjust the height of the mower based on your grass species, mowing season, and visual preference. Second, look for mowers that have mulching attachments in case you don't want to bag your clippings – the option to switch between bagging and mulching can be incredibly useful. The best electric lawn mowers tend to have both mulching options and plenty of height adjustments.

Don't Worry Too Much About Battery Power

Electric mowers use powerful lithium-ion batteries that are typically rated between 40 and 80 volts. You don't really need to worry about comparing battery specs, however. Today's electric mowers are well designed and very efficient, so as long as you are using the right battery (and remember to charge it) the mower should have all the power it needs to get the job done. The one important specification you should look for is the running time on a full battery charge. Most manufacturers will tell you that the mower can run for a certain amount of time – say 50 to 60 minutes – on one charge, which is good to know.

Focus on the Weight of the Mower Too

Electric mowers rarely offer self-propel options. The batteries are good at operating the motor, but they aren't great on self-propulsion, so this feature is commonly skipped. The good news is that electric mowers tend to make up for it by made of durable, lightweight plastic. They're so light, you really shouldn't need any assistance in pushing them around. However, some models do use a metal frame, and these are much heavier. Always remember to check the weight to make sure that it is manageable!

Remember to check the mower's battery to see how easy it is to manage.

Different Cutting Modes are a Great Feature

Some electric mowers offer the ability to switch between different cutting modes, typically with less or more power. We're big fans of this system. The greater power modes provide more force for the cutting blades, which is ideal when cutting particularly long or thick grass. The lesser power modes keep the mower quiet (although electric mowers are already naturally quiet) and help save on battery life for smaller projects.

A Good Feedback System is Important

A good electric mower should always let you see how much power your battery has left. The best way is through simple indicator lights set up on the back of the mower of near the handles so you can check the meter at a glance. Not all modern electric mowers have these clear indicators, but the good ones do: It's important to know when your mower is close to running out of power.

Make Sure the Battery is Easy to Handle

If you can possible check out an electric mower in person, remember to take out and replace the battery. The battery should be well protected, but also relatively easy to take out, hook up to the charger, and replace. The best way to tell this is to test it for yourself.

Check for a Safety Key Feature

The majority of electric mowers include a safety key, typically designed to hang from the handle. You have to insert the key before you can turn on the mower. Since electric mowers are very easy to turn on, the key ensures your safety: Take it out before emptying clippings and after you finish mowing! However, some electric mowers don't use a safety key, or have them located in on places, which can be annoying. Make sure you check out the safety key before buying.

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