Things to consider when looking for an office space


One of the biggest costs for any business is paying the rent of the building or the space they occupy, in case the organization doesn’t own it. Keeping this important factor in mind, analyzing the pros and cons of an office space would be a good idea.

This is especially significant if you are on a hunt for space or building for your office. The best ways to choose a new office space is keeping the future in mind and see whether the building or the office space is designed to be energy efficient.

You need to analyze whether the new place would be a good fit for your customer and the kind of business you have. It should be well stocked with all the facilities you require.

Choosing the wrong location could mean a potential loss of clients and employees. The worst it could do is stifling the growth of your business and destroy your reputation. Therefore think clearly while looking out for an office space and read through these key pointers that need to be crosschecked:-


Business Type - The nature of your company

If your business involves retail outfit, your best bet would be to buy a place that is centrally located. More of like a town center location that expects high footfall. If the footfall and being centrally placed isn’t your business goal then you could save a lot of money and opt for a location that is outside the center of town.

If you own a software company, then having an office in IT parks and technology parks would be a good idea. And let say you own a business that involves a large volume of goods being delivered or collected then you would most probably require a place that has easy access and suitable loading facilities.


Proximity to your customer, suppliers, and competitors

Keep in mind that your end user is a customer. It is immaterial whether he is a B2B or B2C kind of consumer. You need to find a place that is suitable as well as accessible for customers. Location of your office has an instant bearing on your business to make a wise choice even for your suppliers and competitors.


Competitors in the vicinity

Considering the presence of businesses near the location of your choice is important. If there are firms near your vicinity that are a direct competition to your business then you need to see the effect they will have on your work. In most cases, starting a company or business in a location that has your direct competitors isn’t wise.


Ambience of the place

The appearance of your office is very important because the potential customers will judge you by it. The perceptions of your business will have an impact on both your customers and suppliers.  A rickety office or business outlet will bring harm to your brand, reputation, and company.

Of course, you would want it to be the best, professional, so a ramshackle office or retail outlet could harm your reputation. Even if your customers won’t be visiting the premises you still don’t want to keep your team that is your employees in dirty, messy, unsafe and old-fashioned location. Consequently, it does have an impact on the morale of staff and their overall productivity.

In fact, you should ensure that your office has a pleasant environment, planned acknowledging the science of designing the office space for better efficiency and productivity. Right from office interiors to the machinery, light, decor and office furniture like cheap office chairs Singapore. Everything needs to be bought and planted keeping these things in mind.


Accessibility of your office

Is reaching your office premises a difficult task for customers? If yes, then you need to reconsider your choice of office location. You need to weigh your office location to be a place that has good local public transport links, a good access for pedestrians, nearby bus stop and accessibility for people with disabilities. All of these important factors need to be considered while looking for a new office space.


Parking space should be available adequately

You might find a cheaper commercial premises or industrial units in a remote location. But what good it brings to your business if customers and employees can’t reach you. If your business is inclined o relieving a good footfall, location is critical. Once you get a central location you need to see if the parking lot is available or close by. Your business location can’t handle customer footfall if it cramps for parking space. Lack of adequate and proximal parking space often discourages customers to visit a retail or business hub.


Cost is important

The last point to which your decision trickles down to while choosing an office location is cost, the end price you have bargained to buy that place for your office. Check whether it includes business rates, utility bills, and cleaning with the quoted price of the office space?

Does it have good business support? These small little things, at the end, can add up significantly so make sure you know what you’re betting on. The additional costs of renting or leasing might sum out to be something that you hadn’t budgeted. So be careful while quoting a price.

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