Things to Consider Before Refrigeration Installation


A consistent and trustworthy refrigerator is a necessity for any business where food items are kept stored. Such businesses include anything from grocery stores and supermarkets to restaurants and hotels. If you own a business that involves food production or storage, then you would need a good quality refrigeration system to protect your stock and ensure the safety of your customers. Before you go for refrigeration installation, make sure that keep the following things in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind While Going for Refrigeration Installation

Size: Refrigeration systems come in a wide range of sizes and storage capacities. The one that you choose largely depends on certain factors. Most importantly, the size that you choose should fit well into the space available for refrigeration installation. If you have a limited floor area, you may choose a vertical system that is shorter in width but longer in height. However, if you have enough floor area, having a wide but short refrigerator can give you ease of access. The size that you choose also depends on the quantity of foods you would like to store in it. So, evaluate the storage needs of your facility and make an informed decision.

Type: There are several types of refrigeration systems available out there. For instance, if you want to display food products in your grocery store or commercial outlet, then you need a freezer that has one side made up of transparent glass so that your customers can see through it. However, if you want to store your products for long-term without the need to display, then you can go for a chest or a walk-in freezer that has a higher cooling capacity. You may even choose both for display of products at the store, and for storage of products at the warehouse.

Energy efficiency: Refrigeration installation is one of the major culprits that add up to your energy bills. Since they need to run 24/7, they consume a lot of electricity. So, you need to choose the one that delivers optimum cooling capacity while consuming a minimum amount of electricity. Such a system will not only save money on your bills but also save the environment. These days, manufacturers are using modern technology to make their equipment as energy efficient as possible. Some give energy star ratings to their appliances in which higher rating means higher energy efficiency. Even if they come a little expensive, they help you save a lot on energy bills in the long run.



Quality: Quality is of utmost importance while going for a refrigeration installation. The appliance that you buy should come with a few years of warranty. Since your refrigerator will keep running all the time to keep your stock cold and frozen, system failures can cost you a lot due to unhappy customers and spoiled items. So, you need to choose a refrigerator from a brand that is reputed in the market to manufacture high quality, long-lasting appliances only. However, no matter how good your equipment is, it is important to keep it well maintained with regular service and timely repairs. Otherwise, no brand name would be able to help you.

Cost: Before finalising the refrigeration installation, you need to check its cost too. It’s advised to go for a reputed manufacturer only, but that doesn’t mean you would need to compromise with your budget. A good quality refrigerator would be the one that delivers excellent quality at reasonable rates. It may be a little expensive than a local appliance, but in the long run, it should save your money by demanding fewer repairs and farther replacement.

Now that you know all the things to be considered while going for refrigeration installation keep them in mind and make a well-informed decision to be proud of later.

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