The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Renovation


A house renovation is a large undertaking for any homeowner. However, just because this is a big job doesn't mean that it has to cost thousands and thousands of dollars. There are several ways to save money whilst doing Perth renovations. Some of the ways may take a little bit more effort than others, but the effort will be worth it if money is saved without sacrificing on quality. Follow this guide for the ultimate renovation cheat sheet.

Install A New Front Door

This is a simple way to instantly give the exterior of the house a lift. A new front door with an eye-catching design will add a touch of style to any house. Choose a style which fits with the theme of the house. Visitors to the house will instantly comment on the new door, and a bold door design will also attract the attention of passersby and increase the kerb appeal of the property.

If the existing door already has a pleasing design then it could be a good idea to customise the door. Why not install a vintage brass knocker or hang a wreath on the door?

Knock Down Walls

Knocking down walls during a renovation is one job that homeowners can do without the help of builders. Knocking through walls can save time and money, but careful planning needs to be done beforehand. It is important to apply for permission to knock down the wall. Bring in a structural engineer to build a support structure. Altering any walls which act as fire-protectors also requires permission. Finally, it is worth noting that the walls should be checked for pipes and wiring to make sure that they do not contain any utilities.

Anyone unsure about knocking down walls should hire a professional firm such as the Addstyle building firm to do the job.



Have Decking Put Down

Being able to sit out in the garden on a glorious summer day is what every homeowner wants. There is an easy way to transform the garden without spending money on expensive ornaments or rock ponds. Simply have some decking put down to create a patio area. Decking is extremely cost-effective and looks incredibly attractive. Decking made of wood which has been treated with chemicals is both good-looking and durable. This will create a space to relax with a cold drink whilst the barbeque is on the go.

Decking, unlike concrete slabs, is easy to take up and remove. This can be useful if the garden is having a makeover in the future.

Buy A New Garage Door

This is one cost-effective renovation cheat which many homeowners tend to overlook. Replacing a battered old garage door can instantly give the front of the house a facelift. Buy a door with a bold colour to attract the attention of people walking by. A new garage door is a subtle way to increase the kerb appeal of a property without spending thousands of dollars.

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