The Best Ways to Design Your Timber Vanity


Quality vanity accessories can make your bathroom rank from 0 to 100 within no time. These days, timber vanity has been adding the vibe of sassiness and glamour to bathrooms. Since it is the centerpiece of the bathroom, it is most likely to be the first part to be built or rebuilt. Timber vanity has been an integral part of the growing trend of remodeling bathrooms.  

Vanity styles made by using timber as the basic material are called timber vanity. Solid wood is commonly known as timber. Most often, people use it in such a way that it contains the raw and unfinished style, which adds an element of class or gives a classy look to the bathroom. This is simply the reason why most people are choosing to install timber vanity in their bathrooms be it traditional or conventional styles. The storage space is an element that many people wish to store their toilet paper and other toiletries.

Types Of Wood Used


Oak has been used a standard timber for making furniture and vanity for centuries. However, it possesses some disadvantages too. Over some time, it tends to warp and can get damaged easily by water. However, you can keep in mind the fact that this wood has a very lustrous shade that can make any homeowner smitten over its quality.


This light-colored timber is exceptionally durable with a wide range of shades. You can find off whites, creams, and tans in this range. You can choose the color that will suit the vibes of your bathroom. All that you have to do is to choose the right colors that are as hardy as mahogany and are inexpensive as well.


If you wish to give your bathroom a vibrant color palette, you can choose cherry as it has some purple shades. The grains contain incredibly beautiful twirls which bring an aura of beauty to your bathroom when used according to the color combination.



Purpose Of Using Timber Vanities

Framed Mirrors:

If you wish to have only a single type of timber for your bathroom, then you can complement it with a frameless mirror. You will also find that full frames complement these timber vanities perfectly. To pick the best frame that suits your decor, you must first inspect the grain of the timber. After this, you should compare it with the frames. You can choose a mirror with a metal frame or with a contrasting frame.

Vessel Sinks:

If you choose to get a timber vanity sink, you will realize that they do not have pre-cut holes to attach sinks. Instead of this, they have holes that have been created for drainage and water lines. So, the sink will sit perfectly on your counter. Thus, it all boils down to the material that you use. The combination that you use will make heads turn accordingly.

Thus, it is obvious that you do not have to live in a room situated in a remote forest to enjoy the vibes of timber vanity. As mentioned above, there are many kinds of timber that you can use for your furniture. All that you must do is to find the right type of timber that will suit your bathroom decor the best. 

Most of the bathroom vanities are made of timber that to in a floating style. But it would help more if you did not let this dampen your home décor style. You can choose a vanity that has a thin set of legs, which will add a classy look to your bathroom. Thus, your bathroom decor depends upon your choice and combination of colors. Make sure that you go through the catalog before you choose a style and color.

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