Stylish Ideas for Small Kitchens


You can never have too much space in the kitchen. While some struggle with 250 square feet, others have to work with much less! However, no matter how tiny your kitchen is, you can always make it look not only cozy and attractive but also more spacious. Here are a few tricks and ideas for your kitchen to try out today.

Lighten up

The power of light hues is tremendous when it comes to small spaces. So, if you often feel claustrophobic in your kitchen, open up the space with some whites, light grays, and beiges. A light and neutral color palette will always be trendy and its minimalist vibe allows you to retain a clean look even if your small kitchen is overflowing with items.

Make a breakfast nook

If you don’t have a proper dining room, your best solution is to make a breakfast nook. This type of seating takes much less space than a dining table with chairs and it looks even cuter! Plus, if you plan well and build a model with under-the-seat storage, you can store away all your items you don’t use that much (special tablecloths, pots and pans, spare cutlery and kitchen gadgets). If a nook isn’t an option for you but you still want to have that eat-in kitchen layout, consider a table that folds out. Your table will be neatly tucked away when not in use, but come dinner time, everyone will have a spot. If you need some extra food prep space, you can also employ your fold-out table and have an additional counter.

Consider a mobile kitchen island

When you lack space for food prep, a small cart on wheels is worth just as much as a full-on island. If a full-sized model isn’t suitable for your space (and it’s not for most tiny kitchens) the one you can roll in and out is going to work perfectly. And, you can easily repurpose it as a food cart or drink cart when you have guests over! When not in need, just place it in the corner when it won’t be in your way.

Add a bar

If you wish to add some sophistication to your space, why not make a tiny bar? Just because you lack square footage, it doesn’t mean you can’t entertain and be a good host! All you need for a tiny bar is some storage for your drinks—open shelves take up very little space—and some space for your cocktail kit. You can buy top-shelf gin online for your amazing cocktails and your display and surprise everyone who happens to be your guest with a tasty mix. And your bottles will look classy when displayed in your kitchen, no matter how small it is.

Hang pots and pans

Pots and pans are very bulky and they take up so much precious cabinet space even when neatly stacked. So, in order to free up some space in your cabinets, hang your clunky items on the wall. In order to achieve a neat look, go from biggest to smallest and you’ll have an interesting wall display that’s also very practical. You can even resort to your ceilings with a retro hanging pot rack.

Display your cutting boards

Other kitchen items that are very clunky are cutting boards, yet you can’t have a good kitchen without them. Luckily, you don’t have to fill your cabinets with them and instead use them as decoration. Chunky vintage boards and rustic charcuterie boards can double as artwork, especially if your kitchen leans towards the barn and rustic style.

Having a small kitchen isn’t the end of the world. If you know how to use your space in the best way possible and employ these few design ideas, you’ll create a perfectly functional and welcoming space.

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