Styling Your Spare Room: 5 Tips to Perfect It

Photo by George Milton

Let’s say there is an extra or spare room in your home that you have zero ideas on what to do with it. Whether it is your kid’s room, a rarely used storage or dining room, or you have a spare room, this is the best time to think of new ways of Improving and using it.

There is no need to stay inside the lines or be practical with the spare room. Why not create a retreat or indulge in a hobby of your own? Below are some of the ideas you can use to make the extra space look perfect.

Select an amazing daybed with options

Installing a bed that has the option of doubling up as a sofa or stacked is a valuable idea. Always go for the best small sofa bed to maximize the space available. Also, you can get one bed that can stack a second and third on top to get an extra space to sit or sleep.

You can have a daybed on top, followed by two stylish singles, then a sofa. Therefore, a well-selected bed can make your room design seamlessly regardless of how you want to place them.

Turn it into a nursery

You can add baby stuff to that extra room to make a nursery. This spare room is an ideal space for making a nursery, especially when planning to expand your family. Add some paint or wallpaper, kid-friendly art, and furniture to turn a cozy nook or extra bedroom into a beautiful nursery.

Revamp with a bright paint

A spare room is the best place to take your action with colors to another level. You can try out different patterns and color to see what brings joy to your eyes. You might be reticent about the color you add to your bedroom, but extra room gives you an amazing opportunity to dare more diverse color options.

Paint the wall in an out-there color like Vardo (Farrow and ball can do the trick) to make the room sing.

Create a cozy, very country chill out zone

You can add furniture like an armchair that you can get lost in, install a wood-burning stove and a woodpile on the side. Ensure the room is covered with a moody, dark, sophisticated color scheme.

This is one of the best looks of an extra room that provides an amazing secluded zone for anyone. You could be visiting this room when you feel low, after a long day or when you want to breathe.

Create a home office

Most spare rooms tend to be smaller from the inside but can fit a chair and desk. They are perfect for some furniture, like when you want a space-saving day bed instead of a double bed.

You can add a small desk and chair to create a mini home office or a personal writer’s nook. Add stylish components like:

  • A lamp

  • Computer

  • A telephone

  • Printer

In a nutshell

The best thing about spare rooms is that you can make them the way you want, depending on the current chapter of your life. What you make a nursery today may change to be a home office tomorrow.

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