Strategies to Use to Sell Your House Faster


Sometimes, a home just won’t sell. Despite the seller’s best efforts, it just doesn’t want to move off the market. Under most circumstances, a house should sell in about 65 days. However, this isn’t the case for all sellers. Instead, the process can stretch on for months and be extremely frustrating for a family that wishes to relocate.

Any prospects for buyers may end up not wanting to close the sale in the end. If this is the case for you, maybe there are reasons why your home simply refuses to move off the market. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of more quickly selling your home.

Advertise It the Right Way

Marketing is essential to helping create demand for a commodity. This is also true for real estate. You need to make an effort to advertise it. Otherwise, buyers may never be informed of its existence in the first place.

However, even if you make the effort to advertise your home being for sale, you may not be doing it in the right places. Make sure you are using the most popular real estate listing websites. If they are reasonable, use print publications as well. You also need to ensure that your listing includes attractive photos and thorough descriptions of what your home has to offer.

Make sure those photos and descriptions are accurate in what they represent. You don’t want to pull a bait and switch with home shoppers. Work with your real estate agent to make sure you are doing the best possible job to advertise your home.

Add Features Buyers Want

Even if potential buyers take tours of your property, they may simply decide to pass on buying your home. There may be reasons for this. For one, certain buyers may be looking for specific features in a home that your house lacks. While investing in remodeling projects or installing new systems into your home may require a decent amount of work, doing so can increase the value of your property and help it more quickly move off the market.

For example, one of the rooms important for selling your house is your kitchen. While the kitchen may seem like utilitarian space, it is something buyers are extremely interested in inspecting when making the buying decision. TIME suggests that installing a stainless steel or quartz countertop can increase the selling price of your home by as much as 7 percent.

Also consider adding some fun features to your house to help it sell faster. Installing a modern home theater is one excellent choice. It can help convince almost anyone that a house could provide their family with plenty of fun and entertainment.

Price It Correctly

One of the most common reasons why certain homes don’t sell is because they are priced above their market value. While you don’t want to lose money on the sale, you have to price it fairly in regards to the home market that actually exists as opposed to the one you wish existed. Homeowners tend to be proud of their property. It may be possible that you are biased and not being objective regarding the price you should sell it at.

Determining the correct selling price can be complicated. You of course could get the house appraised. However, you may be able to get a good idea of the market value of your home on your own by examining the listed prices of homes very similar to yours in nearby areas. Also you may want to adjust the price based on changes in the market. A seller's market may allow you to sell your home for 10 percent more.

Just because your home hasn’t sold doesn’t mean you won’t find a buyer eventually. However, there may be impediments that are stopping the process from proceeding as quickly as you would like. Make sure your home is advertised properly, priced correctly and has features that buyers want. If you do so, you’re sure to attract more buyers that are more likely to close the sale.


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