Space Out: Ways to Build a Family Room Addition


Do you think your little home is getting too crowded and claustrophobic for your family? It’s time to add some extra room to your house and make space for family time, entertainment and relaxation. If that sounds like a perfect solution for your house, here are a few building solutions you have at your disposal.

Enclose a patio

Putting up walls, installing the roof and boosting your foundation for an enclosed patio can be a lot of work, but it can result in some practical extra square footage. If you want to do things properly, make your patio feel like a coherent part of the home and ensure it’s accessible through the house. If you don’t have a patio, you can do the same with your porch. Again, you’ll need to install integral components of a house, but if you do it right, you’ll gain precious living space.

Create a bump-out room

This is probably the most common way people add extra space to their homes. Creating an average bump-out will often add between 4 and 5 square meters to your existing home which will give you enough space for a larger sofa, a better dining area or just a bit of extra wiggle room. Though not cheap, this is probably the most affordable way to enlarge your home. And, if you opt for a practical steel frame system instead of structural steel and timber walls, you’ll end up with easy and fast results while your costs will stay practically the same.

Renovate your garage

This is a tricky one, but there are people perfect for a garage renovation. If you finish your garage for living, you won’t have a place to put your car, but if you don’t drive or if you have a nice carport and you no longer need your garage, this can be perfect. But, if you can’t give up your garage space, you can build above it. You already have a good foundation in place, but you’ll need a new roof and a vapor barrier to stop exhaust gases from entering your living space. Also, make sure to check any building codes and zoning ordinances in your area before you start your building.

Add a second story

This is a big change for your house, but if you need plenty of extra space, it can be the best option for you. It’s undoubtedly expensive, but if you have it built off-site and added to the top, you will save money and time. Just make sure you have a good foundation so it can support the extra weight.

Finish your attic or basement

The main problem with attic renovation is that you need to build a stairway in order to add it to the square footage of your house. Additionally, there are codes you need to follow like the size of the floor area and ceiling height. You can also finish your basement if you don’t use it as storage space. This is quite affordable because you don’t need a new foundation, a new roof or new walls. But, your basement reno will definitely take away your precious storage space.

Make sure to analyze every one of these square-footage adding solutions and you’ll find the right one for your situation. Each has its pros and cons, but with careful consideration, you’ll get away with minimal damage to your wallet and maximum space increase.

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