Solid Surface Countertops V Granite Countertops

There are many types of countertops available for you to install as a part of your kitchen renovation. However, solid surface and granite countertops are among the most popular. Which is the best option for you? Here are a few facts to help you determine which option is your preference.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops have been available for more than two decades. These countertops are made from an acrylic resin along with a polymer. The resin is heated so that it will liquidity and can then be moulded. Solid surface countertops will provide you with a smooth surface that does not have ridges or lines. 

Solid surface countertops can be priced between $40-90 per square foot. Solid surface countertop pricing depending on the grade level and the higher-grade countertops will cost more. The amount of mineral particles in the solid surface countertop also affects the pricing.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are made from slabs of rock. They can be made from various types of rock including quartz, mica or feldspar. Only one large piece of rock is used for a countertop so there will be no ridges or lines.

When it comes to granite counter tops, the pricing varies depending on whether you want a single cut slab or a version made from tiles. A single cut granite countertop can cost up to $100 per square foot. The pricing will also depend on how rare the granite is and the colours and patterns the granite contains. If the granite has been pre-cut, the pricing may be lower.


Solid surface countertops need to be protected from heat and chemicals as they can damage the countertop. Solid surface countertops typically come with a 10 to 15 year warranty. Granite countertops on the other hand are made from some of the strongest materials on earth. Therefore, they will definitely last the test of time. Granite countertops won't chip, scratch or stain. You can also extend the life of a granite countertop even further by making sure to apply a seal to the counter top every few years.

If you need countertops installed in your kitchen, a kitchen contractor can help you decide which are the best options. 

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