Smart Tips for a Successful Pub Design-Part 1

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A good pub design is essential to the success of your pub. Below are eight aspects of your pub that you can focus on to create your desired design.

1.    Pub exterior

It refers to the gateway to your pub. It is your shop front, and it should sell your brand to potential customers. Ensure that it is creative with a welcoming message.

2.    Bar counter

It is the first thing that people see within the first 10 seconds after entering your pub. It is a key influencer of whether or not an individual who walks in will stay. As such, the location of this welcome-point is critical. Let it be readily available upon entry to the pub.


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3.    Pub ambience

Create a relaxed, calming and seamless atmosphere in your pub. Use your pub interior and exterior aspects to create this kind of ambiance. Likewise, if you have a website for your pub, let your web design, colors, and tone create a sense of calm and ease.

4.    Dining pub

Fit your bar with Small Square or rectangle table. Smaller tables are flexible to use. For instance, they can find independent use to cater for two people and in the case of many people, you can join them. Square and rectangle tables are easy to merge which is not possible with round tables.

5.    Lighting

Extremely dim or bright lights are not ideal. Use warm bulbs in the yellow color palette. Also, lights should be dimmable. Use hanging lights and wall lights to create your desired ambiance. The pendant lights should be reasonably high to the ceiling to avoid knocking around.


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6.    Mirrors

Mirrors are inexpensive additions that you can use to transform your pub space. You can set them up in panels or hang some on the walls.

7.    Seats

Place high seats at the bar counter and low seats in other tables. Ensure that the back of your seats are slightly slanting. Also, ensure that the seats are sturdy.

8.    Walls

One of the latest trends in decorating pub walls is using custom wallpapers. With custom wallpapers, you get to transform you pub space at a relatively low cost. The good thing is that you choose the image or pattern you would like printed on the wallpaper.

Pub design is an excellent way to attract and retain your target customer. You just need to plan your pub design considerately. With the assistance of a great designer, you can create a design that will keep your customers coming.


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