Smart Lighting for Building


The construction industry is, was, and will always be a tough business. Input costs are rising and productivity rates are dwindling. But, smart home technology might be able to save construction companies a fortune. Smart lighting is here to turn the game on its head.

What is Smart Home Technology?

A smart home is the collective amount of smart devices owned by its user. These devices most commonly use wireless connections to connect to the internet and other smart devices. Smart home devices are common appliances and equipment that has smart abilities. Smart home products help to automate a home by creating new synergies in time, money and effort saving applications.

Smart Home technology has been around for a while. The birth of this idea was back in 1967. Two smart home systems were developed namely ECHO-IV and the Kitchen Computer. These units were never sold to the public, but it paved the way for the industry we know today.

What are Smart Lights?

As mentioned before, smart products still perform their basic functions. But, it has an added smart capability. So smart lights will do the basic job you expect it to. But, you will be able to access your lights remotely through another device.

You can manage the operating time of these lights. You can monitor it without being in close proximity to it. You can even connect it to motion sensors. Lights will go on automatically without the hassle of locating any switches. Set it up to run according to a schedule or change it real time through something as simple as a smartphone app.

Why Use It in Construction?

Manufacturing industries don’t have it easy in today’s world. Material costs are fluctuating regularly. Budgeting becomes a nightmare. Then add to that the rising cost of wages and salaries. As if that isn’t enough, the industry is depending on the weather to play along as well. Many northern hemisphere countries can only build during summer when construction sites aren’t frozen because of the cold. So why would smart lights be useful in construction?

Smart technology would like to do two things for a construction business:

  1. It wants to help save money.

  2. It wants to save time.

Money Savings

You’ll have total control over the usage of the lights. You can access it remotely and determine its operating time. Smart lights also have dimming effects. You can lower the output of these lights to use less electricity. The correct bulbs will also last longer when used with a dimming effect. When you use smart lights the utility bills reduce and you don’t have to by so many light bulbs to keep in stock.

According to SafeAtLast, 45% of American smart home owners claim they save about $98,30 per month. Smart lights on a larger scale might even save more than that.

Save Time

So normal lights will also operate at night. But, you need to look for switches each time you walk into an area. Synergy is created in the workflow of employees when motion sensing lights are installed into production and construction areas. You can save time by connecting your lights to construction equipment. Lights will operate whenever it senses ambient light is too low.

57% of American smart home owners claim they save about 30 minutes per day using smart devices. You can look for new ways to create your own synergy in your construction setup. More smart technologies can be paired with your smart lights.

Smart Lights and Security

Smart lights are a vital component in smart security. Valuable assets and equipment move on construction sites. And even more valuable than that are the lives of employees. Smart security products will connect to smart lights to supply a fully integrated and automated security solution. Monitor a site through the control of things like smart CCTV, alarm systems and smart locks.

You don’t want any after-hours visitors that can lead to lawsuits and other issues of the like. Smart lights will work in conjunction with smart security to deter any criminals or trespassers from enjoying any ungranted access.

Use Smart Lights Today

You don’t need to be the victim of unfavourable market conditions. You can fight back by creating new ways of money and time-saving synergies. Smart lights are here to bring some relief.

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