Six Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom this Winter


After a long exhausting day at work, the best place of retreat is one’s bedroom. Out of all rooms in the house, the bedroom is the most personal and private spot, so it should be taken this way. Everything is of importance in this personal room, including the furniture, windows, flooring, lighting, and the décor. 

Many people focus on personalizing this part of the house as it gives them comfort and it feels welcoming to be back to one’s cozy spot where one can relax, rest, and have fun. If you are looking for cost-effective ways to upgrade your bedroom and make it cozier for the winter, then you are here at the right place. 

Here are six ways to upgrade your bedroom this winter: 

Choose One Color

The basic key to generating a cozy and welcoming feel in the bedroom is by choosing one color. Choose a color that is soothing and reassuring. For instance, if you choose the color blue, use a deeper shade for the walls and a slightly different shade of blue for the trim. By doing so, you won’t only induce comfy and cozy in your room, but you will feel instantly warm and welcoming after a long day out. 

It is important to mention here that different colors have a different impact on one’s mind and body. The color blue, for instance, is soothing, and its calming impact can help reduce blood pressure and boost the quality of one’s sleep. Pay close attention to the ceiling. By painting it in the right color, you can enjoy its subtle dreaminess before your eyes close and you fall into a heavenly sleep. 

Install a High-Quality Bedding

There is no denying that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, and if you are looking for efficient ways to upgrade your bedroom, you should pay special attention to it. We recommend going for a big bed, preferably a dramatic one with four posts. The bigger the bed, the more comfortable and welcoming your sleeping space will appear. Besides, another aspect that makes the most difference is the bedding, including the type of mattress. If you are looking for some amazing mattress options, check it here.

Nonetheless, make sure that the bedding and duvet match with the bed. For an additional touch of coziness, opt for soothing and relaxing patterns and designs. 

Go Ballistic with the Pillows

If you are on a budget but want to induce a level of comfort and coziness in your bedroom, we recommend going wild on pillows. The best part about pillows is that they are cheap, come in various sizes and softness levels, and are hard to resist.

While choosing pillows, you might also want to include some velvety throws and boost the overall vibe of the bedroom by making everything instantly cozier. Don’t forget to use colors and patterns that are soothing and relaxing to you and your eyes. 

Make a Good Use of Wallpapers

Did you know that the right wallpapers can utterly transform the overall look and feel of your room? It is also one of the best ways to make a perfect statement room and add a touch of personalization to it. We recommend opting for natural-colored wallpapers and for earthy tones. What it does for you is that it allows you, the owner of the bedroom, total freedom to add highlights and accent colors while choosing decorative patterns. 

Incorporate the Right Lighting 

Another way to change the overall vibe and feel of your bedroom without having to spend a fortune on it is by adjusting the lights. If you have a big chandelier or ceiling bulb that is bright and dangling right above your bed, you should remove it immediately and replace it with something soothing.

We recommend going for low lights and placing the bulbs strategically to induce a luxurious yet cozy vibe in your bedroom. You will see a massive difference in your room after placing the right lamps at the side of the bed. Believe it or not, life installation is vital for upgrading the bedroom and other areas of your house.

Include a Rug

If you are not a carpet person but don’t want to wake up every day with your feet touching the cold floor, you can include a rug on the side of your bed. What it does for you is that it is comfortable, soothing, and induces a touch of luxury in the room. If you are confused about the type of rug that would do the purpose, you might want to try some sheepskin rug. 

Pay close attention to the type of furniture in your bedroom and how they are placed. For instance, you might want to think about including a desk at the side of your bed, which won’t only serve as an additional space for checking out emails and completing some late-night projects. 

Still, it can also serve as a perfect spot to enjoy breakfast and morning coffees the very next day. Having a rug and a desk in the bedroom does not only add a touch of luxury and warmth, but these are also quite handy, especially in the winter, when you don’t want to leave the warm room. 

Final Thoughts

Instead of rushing haphazardly to get your bedroom ready and cozy before the harsh colder season kicks in, we recommend you remain patient and enjoy the recreational and renovating process by paying attention to every detail. You may want to pay special attention to the rugs, bedframe, wallpaper, curtains, mattress type, and windows treatment. It might take you over a month to make adjustments around the house, including the installation of paintings and wallcoverings. The bottom line is that preparing a well-done bedroom is time-consuming, which is why it takes substantial time and thorough planning. However, in the end, the long wait and patience are worth it, as you can expect an amazing outcome in the end. 

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