Six Tips to Stay Motivated During Home Renovation

People often start home renovation motivated and inspired. In fact, you may feel convinced that a project will complete in just a few weeks. However, a destructive event can cause that renovation to fall by the wayside. Just like how a car engine such as Chrysler 301 fails, you may get sick and halt the progress. The worst thing that can happen during renovation is getting stuck on a project. You may even end up frustrated and ultimately neglect the entire project. However, there are many ways to stay motivated and inspired throughout the renovation process.

Develop a Plan

You need to identify everything necessary for home renovation and write it down. As such, you will know what to prioritize when another project pops up during the renovation. You can include such additional projects to the bottom of the list.

Be Realistic

Home renovation may not be fun thing to do; however, it could be necessary to step back and renovate your home. Setting realistic goals ensures you don’t get disappointed when a project fails to move as fast as you’d expect. Never compare a project with others or try to use unrealistic arts or images in magazines.

Keep Track of Your Progress

The best way to stay inspired and motivated throughout the renovation process is to take note of what you have already achieved. For example, you can take pictures before a project starts and use it for reference during the renovation. Alternatively, one can keep it simple and take note of the progress.

Take a Break

You may often need to devote a lot of time and energy on a renovation project. A home renovation project can lead to severe burnout if one isn’t careful. In fact, it’s easier to get overwhelmed by a project that takes over much of your time. However, developing a task list and plan can help cope up with all these challenges. You may step away of a project once or twice in a week.

Inspire Yourself

Inviting friends and relatives can be a motivator to finish a project. You can hold a holiday get-together or throw a party to inspire yourself to complete a home renovation project. You could also host a Memorial Day barbecue as an inspiration to commit to the project. Your home could be in disarray. It could be resembling an incomplete structure more than a residential house. Even so, one can stay motivated and inspired by envisaging how it will look like once it completes. You can use catalogs and pictures in magazines to motivate yourself. Imagining yourself in a new a furnished home can serve as a motivator. You can also use small rewards to inspire yourself for each milestone. These rewards don’t have to be of monetary value. It could be buying some furniture for your new home or taking a few days off. A reward program can go a long way to make home renovation fun, as you will be looking forward to awards.


Your original plan may not always fit the realities of a home renovation project. However, one can make adjustments within the framework of the primary goal. You can also double check your to-do-list every once in a while to ensure projects are done in priority. It’s recommendable to get rid of any activity that doesn’t fit your timeframe or budget. Moreover, you can reorganize the list to make sure everything aligns with the primary goal of the project.


It’s often hard to stay motivated when your home is a complete mess. However, you shouldn’t give up even if everything seems impossible. Perhaps you are afraid it might take too long to renovate your home. Even so, every project will get done eventually. Your living room may be looking pathetic right now, but envisaging how it will look like once you finish renovation will give you an incentive to commit to the project.

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