Six Steps to a Kid-Friendly Home

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One of the best things about being a parent is getting to relive your childhood, even for a moment, to run around and play with your kids. This means your home has to be well-suited for playing. Follow these tips to make sure your home is safe an is a fun place to play.

1. Running

Kids need to get out their wiggles and have a fun way to exercise when it's raining outside. You need a suitable way to run indoors. It's fun to chase kids or play hide and seek. If you have wood, tile or another hard flooring, you'll want to put down some slip-resistant rugs that can provide traction. This is especially true if you're partial to wearing socks in the home. If you have issues with your feet, it would be a good idea to get rugs that have some bounce to help absorb impact.

2. Tumbling

Tumbling is a natural part of playing and development. Small kids find out new ways to move, and tumbling is a part of that. This means you need cushioning, soft surfaces to have fun on. Trampolines are always a great option, but you can use a mattress on the floor or invest in thick mats that are used in karate and gymnastics classes. Foam mats are another soft surface to tumble on, but you need to make sure they can stay put. Use Velcro underneath your mats to hold them in place.

3. Tickle Fights

Tickle fights are fun, and kids love them. However, tickle fights can sometimes get out of hand, which means you need to avoid heads hitting hard or pointy items. Keep breakable items out of the way. You can keep them up on a shelf to avoid breaking them or getting injured by them. Make sure coffee tables are pushed out of the way before playing. Another option is to use nesting tables in place of a coffee table. Nesting tables can be kept in a corner or other area and are great space-savers, in general. Make sure you get microfiber sofas, which have soft surfaces on all sides.

4. Family Fun Night

Family fun nights are exciting for kids, and they're a time to kick back and relax. Family fun nights are all about pizzas, other take-out, and frozen food. The beauty is that you don't have to cook, and you can just have fun with your kids. The perfect family fun night room needs to be decked out with games, video games, spill-resistant materials, ample space for playing and a room that can be easily cleaned. You also want to have a large amount of storage for all of your games, diaper bags and other items you need.

5. Movie Nights

Your family fun night room can double as a movie night room. Movie nights are fun to do on Mondays because it's a relaxing way to wind down from getting back into the work and school week. Make sure your sofas have comfy throws and pillows. It's a good idea to use ottomans or bean bag chairs for lounging. Bean bag chairs are soft surfaces that kids can play on, jump over and throw, which make them a perfect addition for movie nights.

6. All the Cuddles

Parents and children need periodic cuddles. It helps to maintain and increase bonding. Plus, it helps children to relax and wind down before bedtime. Make sure your children's beds, your bed, and your sofas are cushiony. You can add mattress toppers to your child's bed and your bed. This will help your child to stay warmer during the winter as well because mattress toppers help to preserve heat.

A kid-friendly home is one where spills and falling down won't ruin the day. You can't prepare for every mishap, but following these tips will help kids to stay safe, your home to stay clean and you to enjoy the time your kids are small. It passes quickly, so savour these moments.

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