Simply Done: Organized Home Office


Establishing a home office is a great way to get the best of home and work, but if the office lacks organization, it can easily turn into a cluttered area where nothing gets done. Not to mention that mess is contagious, so it will most certainly spread on the rest of the household. To avoid clutter, chaos and possible stress, as well as to ensure uninterrupted work flow, take some time to organize your working space and set up a pleasant surrounding where you will be able to be present at home and productive at work, at the same time.

Choose the right spot

Not everyone has the luxury of a separate room that will serve as a home office. For those who need to steal some space in the room to set up a working station, the wrong choice of the spot can be a disaster. Never place the home office in your bedroom, since it will seriously harm the intimacy of the room as well as efficiency at work. Instead, blend it in a living room or even a hallway if possible, but make sure to form clear boundaries. If the corner that you’re in doesn’t allow enough privacy, place room-divider, so you can physically separate working area from the rest of the room.


Control technology and cords

Computers, peripherals as well as bundles of cables and wires can create visual and physical clutter. Besides from looking messy, cables collect dust, so make sure to keep it clean and tidy. There are many solutions that will make your work area neat, so look for some useful cable management options such as office cable caddy or numerous DIY tips for organizing the cords. The best option would be to go as wireless as possible.

Office layout

No matter how small your home office is, the existing design needs to facilitate workflow. Choose furniture that is functional and easy to move, meaning desk, cabinets, and chair with wheels. Invest in a good chair and adjust the height of the desk so that you don’t have to take breaks to stretch your aching backs every half an hour. Set up the working place in a way that everything that you may need during the working hours is within your arm’s reach.



Establish filing system

In a small working area, everything needs to be well-organized and in its designated place. Organize your incoming paper files to know exactly where they are during the whole process and where will they go when the project is complete. Use color coding as your filing system and assign a different color for each category (business, financial, insurance, medical, personal). Do not let papers pile up on the desk or worse, do not put them in a drawer without filing them first. Daunting as it is, it will save you trouble later on.

Shelving and storage

Storing files is an everyday task in almost every business, but storing is often overlooked when contemplating home office design. Depending on storage needs, make sure to include enough shelves and filing cabinets to avoid piling up the papers. Put away finished projects and papers that should be archived, but if you lack the space consider renting mobile self storage since it may come as a handy solution.



Natural light and view

Since already at home, you get to choose everything about your working place. Make sure to have enough natural light and view if possible. Place working desk near the window, but position it so that light doesn’t affect the screens. You can increase the amount of natural light by putting a mirror near by, or you can reduce it by hanging some curtains or shades.


Even though it is a place of work, it doesn’t have to be dull and stern looking. Use the advantage of being the own boss in your own house and arrange it according to your taste. Match the design of the office with your home style and put some inspiring details in your work area. Whether some piece of art, photo or just a splash of color, personal touch will lift up the mood and boost enthusiasm.



Work and home are the places where we spend most of our time and to keep them comfortable, inviting and organized is a must. A home office can be a win-win situation, but it takes discipline, control, and balance. If you plan to establish a home office, take these tips into account and enjoy being at work while being at home.


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