Selecting Plants for a Small Garden

Selecting plants for your garden can be a difficult decision. However, you can make things easier by figuring out which items will determine your decision. Although you may only have a few meters of space to work with, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a beautiful garden. 

Figure Out Your Budget 

The first step to figuring out plants for your garden should be to figure out what your budget is. Despite the fact that your garden is small, you must keep in mind the costs of buying plants for the garden as well as expenses that will be needed to maintain it. These expenses will include the costs of the tools for any nutrient treatments the plants may need as well as general maintenance such as pruning and spraying for pests. 

Figure Out Which Plants Will Do Well In Your Garden 

Plants for your garden should be selected carefully based on whether or not they will do well in your garden. You should make sure that any plants that you select will have adequate light and space to thrive when they are placed among other plants. You should also keep in mind whether the plants are perennials or annuals so that you will know if you have to replant them on a regular basis. Take a look at plant sun exposure and climate data to see which plants would be the best additions to your garden. 

What Is Your Gardening Style? 

Your gardening style will play an important role in whether or not the plants do well. Plants that are low maintenance and only require a periodic watering may be a good idea if you have a busy lifestyle. If you prefer colour in your garden, opting for flowers or plants with coloured leaves are an excellent way to create a focal point for your garden. Keep in mind that if you add perennials to your garden, you will likely have to divide them periodically to keep them from hurting the neighbouring plants or dying out. 

Create Some Texture 

Adding a variety of to your garden will give your garden a more interesting look. You should include some foliage that features patterned leaves or flowers that bloom periodically to create an exciting look that will last. Working with a small garden should be fairly easy once you've learned the basics and have carefully selected plants in order to guarantee your success.


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