Restaurant Design, Gain a Competitive Edge


The hospitality industry is highly competitive. So are the restaurants.  A new restaurant is always coming up or an older restaurant trying to do better in regards to food, menu and service quality. You may look around and wonder whether you are ever going to get it right.


Well, you can- with your restaurant design.

Your restaurant design is core to the success of your business. It determines the feel and look of your restaurant.  It is the space layout, ambiance and theme of your restaurant. It is the primary determinant of whether or not your space will still look attractive in the peak hours. Will the pathways be congested?


Defining good restaurant design

Ideally, you want to create an attractive and comfortable space for both your staff and guests. A lot comes into play in achieving that space and if you are not keen you may end up building up a conflicted space.

 For instance, you may want to use a particular type of lighting and set up the furniture in a certain way but end up with a conflicting theme.

You want your lighting and table arrangements to complement your theme. What colors do you choose for the table clothes, walls, and ceiling? Where should you place you sink? What furniture design should you choose? How much space should you leave for the pathway?

Consider your target clientele.  For example are you looking to cater to college students or setting up a family dining area? You target client will significantly determine your restaurant design concerning your choice of furniture, lighting, theme, cutlery and seating arrangement.


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Professional restaurant consultant

It is a lot to determine, and you need to do it right. Hence, it is advisable to work with a restaurant consultant. Professional restaurant consultants do bring to the table extensive experience, access to resources, unique solutions and unprecedented creativity. They are both scientists and artists. They move forward with your restaurant development in a methodical yet creative way, creating unique, attractive yet highly functional spaces.

With professional restaurant consulting, proper planning and a robust implementation of your restaurant design, you can create a unique restaurant space that will attract your target clientele and give you a competitive edge.

With a good restaurant design coupled up with good food and first-class customer service, you will never have to wonder whether you will ever get it right. You will have gotten it right!

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