Renovation Projects: Top 5 tips

Starting your renovation project is both an exciting and worrying time. Fortunately for you, we have put together our top five tips to help get you started! So read on. Don't forget if you have any questions, Just use the comment section below and we will be happy to answer you. 















1. Manage your renovation project  















Set it up properly in terms of a contract, price schedule and project program. Fix the price for your home improvement. Don't ever do it on an hourly rate or a daily rate so that cost remains straightforward. Set a fixed cost and you and your contractor will know what the boundaries are. Make sure everything is in writing and endorsed by both you and your contractor. Track progress and if it helps to keep a journal. Photos can be nice if you want to create an album to share with your friends. 















2. Spend your budget wisely 















You need to manage your money throughout the build. You, as a homeowner need, to brief your builder properly about what you want. Don't go change what type of finish you want once the renovation project has started. This will only change the budget in the end. Last minute changes are proven to be very expensive, mostly because the contractor may have already purchased the materials needed for the job. In general, it is best to pay in logical increments, with no more than 30% up front. 















3. Expect to pay more on your renovation 








I know you want to fall in a budget but it is good practice to have a contingency of a minimum of 10 percent. So if the contractor estimates $ 1000, it needs to be $1000 plus 10 percent every time in your head. This ensures there are no surprises as there are always problems when doing a renovation project. Also, don't forget about the possibility of GST to avoid any confusion with the final invoice.






















4. Make decisions early 















Try and make all the design decisions for your kitchen, bathroom, decorating and every other detail before the contractors start on site. If your builder tells you he doesn't need something like the toilet and sinks for a few weeks, insist on getting it anyway. The reason for this is what you've chosen may have knock-on effects with the size of pipes, fittings etc when it comes to installation. So make your decisions early and save money. 















5. Find a recommended Contractor for your renovation 















We don't recommend going through a phone directory or random list. It should be someone recommended by family, friends or a neighbour. Just a few things to do: ask to see examples of their previous work, talk to the people they have done work for and find out if there were there any problems. For example, maybe he was a little slow, but they did a great job and was affordable, so it may work for you. Good contractors are always willing to show you a portfolio and let you contact previous customers.















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