Renovation Journal: Part 2

Hello fellow homeowners! Welcome to part 2 of my renovation journal. I realise its been a few weeks since my last post, Kluje headquarters has been really busy. 
This time around I was going to discuss the the actual shopping trip. I ended up choosing a supply store close to my house, Wi Teck Li Hardware, and was able to find all the needed equipments for the renovation, including both the water damage repair and repainting of the room. If I remember correctly, I had a budget of $500.00 for the project. The shopping list with prices goes like this: 
1 Liter Concrete Sealant Paint - $12.00
5 Liters Nippon White Paint - $47.00
1 Tube Interior Silicon Sealant - $4.50 
 2 Liters of Turpentine - $2.50 
 1 kg of Easy Rub Plaster Filler - $2.00 
 2 Sheets Sandpaper - $0.80 
 1 Metal Scraper - $1.50 
 1 Roller Tray - $2.00 
 2 Rollers with refills - $14.00 
 3 Paintbrushes - $5.00 
 1 Roll Edging Masking Tape - $2.00 
 Drop Cloths and Towels - $12.00 
 Grand Total: $105.30
Are you surprised? Not as much as I was. Seems that it is much cheaper to buy from the local hardware shop than it is to use the large DIY stores located in shopping centers. I am at only 1/5 of of my budget and I have it on good authority that I have all I need to get the job done. Minus of course a little labour and sweat. No one ever said DIY renovation projects are easy. So, now that I have the gear, I need to get  cracking on the actual work. Join me for the next installment when I actually may get some work done!


If this sounds like its going to take too much time then you can always hire a professional.

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