Renovation Costs: 5 Tips to get it right.

Working out your budget for a renovation is not an easy thing to do, but with the right advise this process can be made easier. 

Here are 5 tip to help you with working out your budget. These tips can also be use for any home improvement job in your home.

  1. Find out the value of other homes in your area. Talking to real estate agents is a good way to find this out. This will help you work out if the renovation will add value to your property. Your location can have an impact on building costs, as can matters such as ground stability. You will need to get the building plans from the URA (Urban Redevelopment authority). The URA can also help with any other possible structure issues.
  2. Research the cost of the materials you like. Make sure that you consider everything from the roofing and cladding to bathroom fittings and flooring. Get an idea of what the cost of installation will be. Some systems are more expensive to install than others.
  3. Decide how much you will be doing yourself and how much a contractor will be doing. Be realistic, don’t try do something you are not comfortable doing. A renovation ultimately will take longer than you think. By doing it yourself you might think you are saving money but if you are not competent you could end up paying a contractor to fix your mistakes.
  4. Work out what new appliances you need and get prices. Don’t forget even the smallest alliance such as a kettle or microwave.
  5. Find out what contractors and designers charge. Ask them if you can see other renovation projects they have designed or built, and what those cost were.
When you are talking to contractors and designers, be very clear in explaining what you want to do. By been clear the contractor will be able to find the correct and latest building information, and should be able to give you a ballpark figure. Now that you have this information you should have a reasonable idea of how much the total renovation is going to cost. Always be prepared to compromise. Make a list of what your must have's are and what you can do without to stay within budget. for more help you can read the kluje guide to What Does a Renovation Costs


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