Renovating your Private Residential Property

How to Renovate a Private Residential Property

If you are considering a renovation for your residential property, you should be aware of the rules. Depending on the type of renovation that is being done, you may have to obtain permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Here is some basic information about renovations that you should be aware before you get started.

Renovations That Require Approval

If you would be doing an addition or alternation of your property, you will need to get approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. If the renovation affects the external façade of your home or will result in an increase of the Gross Floor Area, you will need approval.

How to Qualify for Approval

If you want to make sure that your renovation will be approved by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, you will need to make sure that the following criteria are met:

- Your renovation must not exceed 50% of the approved gross floor area

- If the renovation involves the external walls, the replacement walls must not exceed 50% of the approved external walls

- The structural changes to home must not exceed 50% of the existing

- A change or replacement of a roof must not add another storey to the home

- The addition of an attic may not increase the gross floor area by more than 50%

If a renovation does not meet these criteria, it is considered to be a Reconstruction. This includes a renovation that will change the style of house completely.

How to Apply for Permission

In general, renovations that are done inside the home typically don't require planning permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. However, a renovation that increases the gross floor area will always require Urban Redevelopment Authority. If you require permission for you renovation, an application should be submitted to the Urban Redevelopment Authority that includes a letter that has been signed by the Council of the MC granting authorization.

Applying for permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority can be done by using a step by step guide available on the Urban Redevelopment Authority website. In addition, there are fees that come with the application process that are also outlined on the site.

Work With a Qualified Home Contractor

A qualified home contractor can help you to determine what permissions will be required in order to complete the work. A home contractor can also make the process of submitting the information to the Urban Redevelopment Authority easier since they will be able to tell you exactly what will be required to complete the job. If your plan is to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible, it is important that you work with a home contractor that is experienced in the style of renovations that you need done.

Do you need assistance with a home renovation? A qualified renovation contractor can walk you through the process of obtain the necessary permits for your renovation. 

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