Renovating Your House with Pets


Maybe you just got a fixer-upper or maybe you are ready to make some major changes to a house where you have made a lot of memories. Whatever your situation is you can be sure that remodeling your space with pets can be a bit of a challenge if you do not know what to expect. Reading and research will help you know what to expect from your pet and how they will react to all of the new changes.

Renovating and remodeling is an exciting time because you are rearranging an old space and transforming it into something new. There is a lot of planning and thinking that go into well designed rooms and the payoff is huge. Since pets are a part of your home and family they shouldn’t make renovating harder than it already is.

Here are some ways you can keep your furry friends happy when you are working to change your living space:


This is the first one because what you do with your pets will depend on what you are doing with your house. If you are redoing one room in the house you may need to block of a hallway or lock some doors when the room is getting redone.

If you are redoing your whole house or working on several rooms at once you may need to consider letting your pets stay at a friends house or at a pet hotel or boarding spot.


The bigger your house is the more you have to renovate. This can be a good thing because your pet has a lot of room to move around and stay in the house during the renovation. This is good because you can save money because you don’t have to hire someone to watch them. This could also be bad because the pet may make a mess in a different room that they are not familiar. If your pet does decide to act up or is super nervous and makes a mess you can use pet carpet cleaner to remove stains and unwanted smells.


How long do you want to spend renovating your house? Is this going to be a weekend project or a project that is going to last several months. If your house is needing a major facelift you may want to call in a team of professionals to get it done quickly. Maybe your wallet would like a more gradual approach and you slowly redo one room at a time.

Whatever you decide you will need to think of your pet. If this is going to take a long time it may not be great for them to spend a lot of time in a different spot with people they are not familiar with. If it is over a weekend you can drop them off and get everything done and have your pets back safe and sound in your brand new space.

Your Pet

Not every pet is the same. Some pets get really excited when new people come over and others will run and hide until the unfamiliar person has gone away. You know your pet best so you get to decide what is best for your pet and everyone in your household. If your pet is super curious and likes to explore new things it may not be good for them to be around when you are redoing floors or painting walls. If you bring your pet back, depending on how much you changed, you will want to let your pet explore. They may be nervous and scared. They may need someone to calm them down and some time to adjust to the new area.


Once everything is done and your pet has returned home it is time to enjoy your living space. You have put in a lot of hard work and time preparing for such a huge change. Enjoy your space with your special furry friend and loved ones.

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