Discover some smart ways to reinvent and enliven any space with crown molding


Crown molding lends elegance and charm to virtually any room. Whether you choose to install around doorways and windows, or to line up your kitchen cabinets and items, crown molding renders a classic and vibrant finishing touch. It pulls the design elements of a room.

  • Installing crown molding around the ceiling or atop the wall can instantly frame a space, rendering a mor formal look.

  • This vintage touch is more effective in a bedroom, living room, or dining room.

  • You can choose to stain it or paint it. A crown molding brand also gives you the scope to accent the space’s color scheme.

  • You can use crown molding to surround or frame a window to make a dramatic change in the room’s look. Windows immediately appear larger and the living spaces appear brighter.

  • Molding can also be a visual anchor and support stream for window treatments hanging inside the frame.

  • You can put crown molding above stock kitchen items and cabinets. They can deliver that built-in, custom look.

  • You can accomplish this simple project in weekend with a hammer, miter box, nails, wood filter, and saw. 

  • It’s easy to do this upgrade and also a great DIY tool.

  • Crown moldings are also great over storage shelves. You can take mass-market or plain cubby rack or bookshelf to another level. 

  • This simple yet effective can transform a utilitarian, nondescript storage space into a statement object that adds style and structure.

  • Crown moldings can grace an archway, elevating it. The trim sweep can turn an obscure threshold between your rooms into a thoughtful transition. 

  • You can use molding to add elegance and panache to an ordinary entryway.

  • You can also fame the entire view into a proper dining room.

The latest crown molding designs

Trimming the top is a popular style. You don’t need to ice every cake. The same applies to a room decorated in trim. Although it isn’t necessary, crown molding can achieve an old-house charm. 

  • For low ceilings, it adds great volume. Elegant, simple beading makes a Federal crown molding make a low-ceiling space brim with neutral and feminine accents. 

  • It will appear voluminous. The English crown molding style caries simple beads and concave or cavetto shapes. 

  • To get a bumped-out look, you can use the early American style. It makes kitchens appear larger.

  • To get crisp lines, you need to have an upgraded trim. You typically reserve this style for nicer spaces as it harnesses an amalgam of Federal and Greek Revival profiles. 

  • The crown profiles may entail S shapes of ogees.

Other prominent styles include uncrowded crowns, original and celebrated built-ins, barely there crowns, and little crowns and those that hug odd corners.

The best styles

You can draw inspiration from mid-sized, classic, enclosed dark wood floors. They are fit for family rooms that have a standard fireplace, brown walls, a stone fireplace, a wall-mounted TV. Put outside tv covers on them for protection. 

White molding and beige walls can do the trick. There are medium crafts and arts for brown flooring and light wood floors. They have grey walls. 

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