Redesigning a Millennial’s Living Room into a Modern Grown-Up Space

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One of the accusations that millennials get most often is the idea that millennials are immature or juvenile. Sure, some of them are but the vast majority of millennials are responsible grown-ups who simply do not share the same set of values as their predecessors. Still, if you want to be treated in agreement with your age, what you need to do is start acting like it. We’re not just talking about the way you talk, behave or dress. What we’re also talking about what your home looks like. Here are several tips for redesigning a millennial’s living room into a modern grown-up’s space.

  1. Minimalism

The simplest way to display seriousness and functionality on a budget is to go for minimalism. Just keep in mind that the saving doesn’t come from the cost of furniture, it comes from the number of items you need in order to decorate the room. Minimalist furniture isn’t really less expensive than traditional furniture, yet, in order to decorate the room this way, what you need is some seating, some light, a coffee table, a shelf and some technology. Even the last two are optional for those who want to make a tech-free space.

  1. Choose a style

As an adult, you’ll have to relinquish the idea of having your cake and eating it too, seeing as how this kind of bargaining is simply childish. What you need to do instead is make a rational, fact-based decision and live with the decision you've made. Being an adult doesn’t mean living with no rules. Instead, it means living by your own self-imposed rules. One of the ways to implement into your design efforts is to choose a style, a theme, for your home and try to make everything in the room thematic.

  1. Having some privacy

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One of the most important things when it comes to decorating your living room is providing it with some privacy. Here, you can show just how design-savvy you are and deviate from the traditional curtain model to something more innovative. One such solution would be to opt for elegant translucent blinds. The reason why this model is superior to traditional blinds is due to the fact that you get your privacy while still letting some light in. The anti-glare feature is strongly implemented into the design of these blinds, which gives you more maneuvering space.

  1. Entertainment system

Another vital issue that you need to handle as soon as possible is one of entertainment. Nowadays, this means choosing the right TV or opting for a projector. A projector gives you an outside-of-the-box solution to this problem, as well as provides you with a better cost-per-inch of the screen. A TV, on the other hand, gives you a more traditional look of the place. By opting for a smart TV, you will increase the time you spend using the internet in your living room and, therefore, let’s be completely honest, also the amount of time you spend in your living room.

  1. Get a meaningful artwork

Decorating your home with artwork is one of the most adult things you can do. This is because art allows you to use your home in order to showcase your ideas and values. It’s a way for you to give your visitors a quick tour of your own mind (the part that you want them to see). Fortunately, with the ability to browse and order wall art online, you’ll have such a wide choice to go for. This is why it will be so easy for you to find something that suits your needs.

  1. Suitable palette

Keep in mind that going for an adult design isn’t the same thing as going for a somber tone. Sure, you can go both monochrome and colorful, just make sure to stick to the above-mentioned theme. Bold colors are completely fine as long as they’re not just thrown around on random. Fortunately, you have so many options within your living room, ranging from using suitable rugs and fabrics to cover the furniture, all the way to picking a suitable wallpaper. Either way, with so many options to explore, the world is your oyster.

  1. Accentuating the room

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By accentuating the room, you can virtually choose which of its areas receive more attention than others. One way to do so is to use lighting in order to accentuate certain image source areas while leaving others in a bit darker spot. Other than this, you can also use accent painting in order to make one wall in the room and all that’s in front of it, into a focal point.

  1. Manipulating the size

The size of the place has nothing to do with the perception of its size. You can use various techniques to make your living room appear bigger or smaller. This is important since, by making the room appear smaller, it may seem less empty, while making it look larger might add further to your minimalist decoration style. Hanging a low chandelier will make the ceiling look closer to the ground, whereas a large-scale art or a floor-to-ceiling curtain may make it look substantially larger. The use of color also plays a part in this, seeing as how colder colors make the place look bigger, while warmer colors make it feel smaller and more intimate.

In conclusion

As you can see, regardless of the effect that you want to achieve, there’s always a design trend that you can turn to. Still, even though the term adult may seem definitive, there’s so much ambiguity hidden here, so much that’s up to interpretation. Therefore, try answering the question of what being a grown-up means to you before you start planning the layout and decoration of the place.

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