Redesign Your Garage To Declutter Your Home


Most people keep half of the things that own in their garage. There are countless blue bins full to the top with different decorations for different seasons and hundreds of other gadgets and gizmos that lie in the crevices in the garage. It’s normal; most people do it. The garage, rather than being just storage for your garage, is usually used as a storage lot for the things that no one knows what to do with. The interesting thing about the garage is that decluttering it can do a lot of beneficial things to your mind. You’ll feel more freedom in your personal life, and you’ll feel like you’re more likely to succeed in your social life. The best part is that it all starts by just cleaning out or resigning your garage.

1. Create More Space for the Things that Matter

Sometimes, you notice the need to change something about your garage because winter is coming. The issue is that you have two cars and only room for a car and a half in the garage. Most of the space is being taken up by clutter, but even after you clean it out, that still means that it will be quite a squeeze to fit both cars into the shelter. You also don’t have the choice of leaving one car out to weather the storm. You don’t want to have to choose between the Scion TC and your beloved Honda. So, what are your options? Option number 1 is that you can declutter the part of the garage that is full of things you’re not sure what to do with. Hold a garage sale or give away the items to charity. You’ll feel so much better after everything is gone. And it might be a tight squeeze, but you’ll be able to fit the two cars. Option number 2 will take a bit more work. You can hire a contractor who will put an extension onto your garage. That way you have plenty of room for both cars. Even with step two, you should think about decluttering the other half. Knowing that you can put the things that matter into the garage will help to ease your mind and eliminate stress.

2. Clean is Always Better

Another benefit to having a clean garage is the peace of mind that it will bring to you. Having a clean house, in general, is a major reliever of stress. The garage brings it to a whole new level. Having a messy or cluttered garage makes a person feel trapped and insecure. The person won’t want anyone to enter the garage for fear of judgment, and any type of house sitting will be accepted with a nervous deposition. Worst of all is that if you live in any type of suburb, there will be a “Keeping up with the Jones’” type of feeling. Other neighbors will keep their garages open to show off their organization while you’ll be left feeling like it would be best to just never open the door. Having a messy garage will make you feel nervous about even inviting friends over to the house. If you can find the time to clean it up, do it. It’s worth it to have the peace of mind.

3. Do it for the Feeling of Being Organized

One more thing that makes it necessary to have an organized garage is the fact that it also you to feel proud of your own personal organization. There’s a saying that says, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” When a person starts off the day by making their bed, they feel like they’ve started the day with success. It boosts your confidence level and makes it easier to accomplish more throughout the day. If you walk through a clean garage to get to your car, it has a similar effect. You will feel proud of your success and your ability to accomplish a difficult task.

Use your free time this weekend to fix up your garage or call a contractor. Make sure that you’re taking full advantage of life by having a clean garage.

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