Redefine Doors with Contemporary Door Decorations


Over the years, home décor has expanded its realms into new horizons. Even the most mundane elements are now being defined as the notable facets of the contemporary house. With every detailing being given due attention, you simply cannot ignore any aspect of your house when it comes to interior design. Fascinating studies have unearthed that our surroundings define who we are. So, undoubtedly, it’s never a bad idea to give your house a creative twist by going for some modern home décor ideas. For instance, doors can also be perfect candidates for a makeover. And trust me, there are truckloads of home décor elements and ideas you can experiment with. Here are 3 of them which I like the most.

Door Hangings

Can there be anything prettier than a lovely door hanging dangling at your entrance? Visitors and passerbies will certainly be taken with awe and surprise as they walk by a lovely piece of art welcoming them on their way in. Floral hangings are in vogue this season. Create a galvanized pot with faux or fresh flowers for a refreshing country side cottage look. You can also create a monogram display of silk flowers on a piece of chicken wire twisted in any shape (see the S pattern below).

DIY messages can be hung on your door for a personalized welcome to your guest. Wooden tags are always good to go. You can also show your love for antiques by hanging a vintage piece like a camera or a basket and sub-in some flowers, leaves and ribbons for a dainty look.



The naked door is simply a thing of the past. With door decorations taking the world of interior design by storm, another contemporary door décor element that you can play with are Murals. Initially used for walls, murals have come off as a sure shot way to pep up the look and feel of your doors. They can transform the entry to your bedroom making them look like a way to a forest. The 3D effect is ruling and you can create some great illusions with it. See the turbulent sea waters making way to your hall like the door done in 3D mural below. Turn your doors into anything from a book shelf to a horse stable to the doorway to a palace. Not only do they add an aesthetic appeal to your house but instil an element of mystery and exquisiteness too.



Wallpapers have also been used for beautifying walls in Singapore on few occasions, but with changing times, these type of embellishment has found its way in the list of items used for door decoration. With a rainbow of patterns and prints to go for you are definitely going to be spoilt for choice. Go for brightly splashed colours or soothing ones as per the colour scheme of your house. Wallpapers are just the apt things to make your doors more inviting and appealing.


So, all set to don your creative hat and get your door decorated and in a new avatar? Beautiful, cute, elegant or mysterious, go redefine them in a way like never before!

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