Reasons To Perform Home Renovations During The Summer Months


Tackling a home renovation project is a big deal for a homeowner to take on. Many renovations can take weeks or months to complete. Because of this, it can be difficult to figure out when exactly to start. For many renovation projects, it is suggested to do them during the summer months. There are pros and cons to performing renovation projects any season, but below are some of the reasons to tackle specific projects sooner rather than later.

Availability Of Contractor

When you first look into hiring a contractor for your home renovation project, you may see that many are often fully booked during the fall months. The reason behind this is that many homeowners are starting to return from their vacations and getting their homes ready for the holidays and visitors. When you are able to secure a contractor during their off-season, you may find you'll be able to get better rates and have your project completed quicker compared to busier times of the year. Keep in mind contractor availability might differ between regions according to the weather and supply demands.

School Break

For homeowners who are parents, the summertime is a great time to do renovations on the home because the kids are out of school. Summer break allows parents to take their kids on vacations when their home is being renovated so they are able to skip the hassle and the unending mess that can come with home improvement projects. When kids are at home, having a project being completed can make things very stressful. Oftentimes, it can be unsafe for kids to roam around a home when projects are being completed.

After making all plans for a home renovation to be done, many feel like going out of town on vacation is the best thing to do while the house is being worked on. For those who feel uncomfortable going on a vacation far away, a staycation at a nearby hotel might be a better option. This will allow homeowners to keep tabs on what is going on at their home while not having to stay there.

More Sun, Less Rain

Another reason why the summertime is better for home renovations is that there is typically less rain to deal with compared to the spring. Warm and sunny weather enables contractors to put in more hours and work more efficiently on the task at hand. During the summer, there are more hours of daylight for workers to enjoy so they may stay and work later in the day. This can significantly shorten the duration of the project. Both the homeowners and contractors enjoy this opportunity.

Summer Months Home Renovation Project Example

A prime example of a home renovation project that should be completed during the summer is fixing a dishwasher air gap. The air gap is the small metallic cylinder near your faucet's sink that has a few holes in it. During operation, your dishwasher will pump out the grimy, dirty water. This dirty water will travel through your drain line into the air gap. This is necessary to keep your water from being contaminated.

If you notice your dishwasher beginning to drain slowly, leaving behind grime or beginning to smell, you most likely have a clog in your air gap. Calling a reputable plumber can get this issue fixed quickly. Getting it fixed is necessary to keep you and your family safe from drinking or using contaminated water from your sink's faucet.

As you can see, there are many reasons to perform your home renovation projects during the summer months instead of other times of the year. Of course, however, the perfect time of year for home renovation projects will differ between families and households. If your summer months are too busy for vacations or getting projects completed, plan your home improvement projects during other times of year that make sense for you and your family.

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