Creating The Perfect Game Room For The 2020s

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The recent graphic card shortage has slowed down the acquisition of new computers among many gamers. Without the ability to easily upgrade their rigs, more and more have turned to the space around their computers and game consoles, creating an immersive environment complete with sound, lights, seating, and decoration. These "battle stations" can be incredibly complex and fully featured, ranging from immersive simulator setups for playing racing games to comfortable, relaxed rooms that are perfect for hanging out with friends. Creating a battle station is an exercise in creativity and self-expression, with plenty of options to choose from at every step. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about what you should put in your game room so you can truly make it your own.

What Do You Do in Your Game Room?

Believe it or not, not everyone games in their game room. While it's a room for relaxing after work with some electronic entertainment for most people, the actual activity might vary quite a bit. Some people watch movies or TV, others use it as a social space with their friends and housemates, and others might just enjoy having a quiet place to browse the web. Even people who game exclusively have varying needs. A die-hard racing game enthusiast might spend hours on an online endurance race over the weekend, while someone who plays a multiplayer shooter might game in shorter spurts and walk around in between matches.

Additions With Purpose

The things you add to your game room should complement the activities you do in the room. If you're into immersive horror games, for example, you'll probably want a smart lighting system that's hooked up to your gaming monitor, some blackout curtains, and a killer sound system. These additions will make a big difference when playing Five Nights At Freddys or Alien Isolation, helping to blur the line between the game world and reality.

If you mostly use the space for playing Smash with your friends, however, you'll want plenty of seating, some spare controllers, a place to keep snacks and drinks, and plenty of natural light. A smart lighting system might still be cool, but the big priority should be making everyone feel comfortable and welcome, not providing more immersion through fancy lights. People who play more relaxed games or watch movies might want a comfy reclining chair within easy viewing distance of their monitor while aspiring streamers might add ring lights, fancy cameras, or a green screen to improve the on-screen aesthetics of their room.

Managing the Project

It can be tempting to overhaul your whole game room at once. While this can have a big impact on how your room looks and feels, it's not always the best call. Redoing your whole room in one swoop introduces many complications, including compatibility issues, first-time setup, and more. Configuring your new Hue lights can be a fresh and fun experience, but it's not something you're going to want to do after assembling a new desk, a new chair, and a new monitor stand and trying to organize all of your cables.

In many cases, it's best to go slow and add one component at a time. Even if you've got the budget and desire to overhaul the whole room, taking things slowly will give you the time and experience you need to figure out where to put things and how to set them up. This will help reduce the number of things you'll have to replace due to compatibility issues (or lack of space) and ensure that your game room remains functional during your upgrade. Your game room is supposed to be a place where you can relax. Forcing yourself to overhaul the room over a single weekend might just turn it into a place where you're stressed.

Make It Your Own

As technology infiltrates more and more aspects of our home lives, we get the ability to integrate lots of cool tech into our game rooms. Modern game rooms often feature voice-controlled computers, smart lights that can sync with the game that's being played, surround sound systems, comfortable chairs, and adjustable monitors and desks that allow for standing, sitting, and reclining. When considering building a modern game room for yourself, it's important to consider what you actually use your room for. Depending on your gaming habits, you might want to build an immersive simulator setup, a social gathering hub, or a cozy nest where you can take a nap while you watch your favourite shows.

Once you decide what you'd like to do with your room, be sure to break the project into bite-sized chunks. This way, your room will remain a place where you can relax while you upgrade it. You'll also be able to see the results of your project before you buy the next upgrade, allowing you to adjust your plan based on your progress so far. By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be able to build a perfect gaming room that can allow you to unwind and relax in style.

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