Parquet Flooring: Varnishing and Sanding Costs

If you are considering getting your parquet floors refinished, then sanding and varnishing is a good option for your floors. These procedures can do a lot to help improve the look of the inlaid tiles. If you are planning to sell your home at some point, you might want to consider these services. Here is some information on the costs that are associated with having your parquet floors varnished and sanded.

Hire an Expert or Do It Yourself?

If you are trying to decide whether you should do this work yourself, or hire an expert, there is significant work involved. In addition, getting the sanding part of the job completed requires the use of a high-powered electronic edge and floor sander, which should really only be used by an expert.

The assistance that can provided with by a professional can save you from having to get down on your hands and needs with sandpaper. The cost of hiring someone to sand the floor can be roughly $80 to $100 per day. The job will also require other tools including a sealer, wood filler, a roller. 

The varnishing portion of the job will require a specially-designed brush, floor pad, hammer, mop and bucket, varnish and other tools. If you decide that you would prefer to hire a professional, the company will come already equipped with all of the tools needed to buff, sand and polish your floor. This means that you will spend less of your time on this task yourself.

What Are the Costs for Floor Polishing?

The majority of floor polishing companies in Singapore charge by the square metre. In general, costs range from $25 to $45 per square metre. This rate includes the costs of sanding and polishing the area. If you require any special services, such as gloss, then you can expect to add an additional cost of roughly $2 to $4 on to the bill.

The costs to apply stain can be roughly $10 to $18 per square metre. You can instead opt for a polish and basic buff, which can go for $13 to $17 per square metre.  The final results won't be as good as a full polish and sanding. In addition, these prices are merely estimates of the add-on service costs and the true costs of the job will depend on where you are located and the fee structure that is offered by the company.

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