6 Awesome Painting Designs That Commercial Painters Use


Your office is often the first impression customers make of your company. Prospective employees visiting for interviews can get a feel for the work environment when they walk through the door. It’s important that you make sure your space reflects your company and the message you want to send.

From bright colors to unique designs, you can use paint to make your workplaces uniquely yours. You can share information and tell a story. A fun paint design can breathe new life into your space and is a great alternative to standard, grey office walls. 

Paint allows for the ultimate creativity. It gives you the chance to do nearly anything with an empty wall. If you aren’t sure where to start, there are many professional commercial painting companies for you to choose from that can provide some great ideas. Or you can keep reading for some easy fun ideas to get your creativity flowing.

  1. Cleverly Incorporating Logos

Your workplace should reflect the branding of your company. You’ve worked hard to create an image and identity. So why not find unique ways to incorporate that imagery into the design of your space?

Make a big and bold statement by painting your company logo in your entryway or lobby. An oversized logo can welcome visitors and show your pride in your company. By making your brand identity the first thing people see when they walk in the door, you’ll present your company in a memorable way. 

You can also find ways to add your logo to your painted design in a more subtle way. You can create a monochromatic logo design for a sleeker look. By keeping colors simple and cohesive, you can show your company pride in sophisticated tones. 

Smaller spaces can still accommodate your logo. Using a smaller sized version of your logo, you can create a repeated, painted pattern similar to wallpaper. This unique look can add interest and fun design to your space.

  1. Bold Colors and Graphics

Paint comes in an endless number of hues, shades, and finishes. This gives you access to limitless design options and graphic ideas. You can use color in fun ways to express yourself and your company culture. 

Not only can your logo be part of your painting your company colors can too. Create a color scheme revolving around your branding colors to make your office reflect your brand’s distinctive look. You can also choose colors that show your brand’s personality like green for environmentally-friendly businesses or yellow to symbolize high-energy. 

The color you choose to paint your space can influence the mood and productivity of your employees. Shades of blue invoke a calm atmosphere for focusing and working efficiently. Citrusy yellows and oranges are energizing and can boost creativity. A bold red can envoke power and improve productivity, especially in physical jobs. 

Color is a perfect way to define areas in an open space. You can paint these different spaces in various shades to segment them. Painting various areas like break rooms and restrooms in colors different from the main office space allows them to have their own vibe. 

  1. Think Beyond the Walls

When painting, many people only consider how to design their walls. However, thinking beyond your walls can lead to a big impact. Using imaginative designs for ceilings and doors can create a unique office space. 

Do you have low ceilings in your office? Think about painting the ceiling with an airy color or fun, bright design. This effect draws the eye up and makes your space feel more spacious. It can also take an industrial ceiling from boring to unique. 

Wanting to keep your walls more neutral? Doors a perfect opportunity to add a splash of color to your space. Painted in a contrasting color to the walls, they can add visual interest and unique appeal to your office.  

  1. Functional and Informational Designs 

Do you have information you’d love to show off to customers and employees? Using a paint design can ensure it will get noticed. It’s the perfect opportunity to be informational while still adding to your decor. 

Your company mission statement can make a perfect mural. You can also create a design that encompasses your company values. These words can be organized in easy-to-read, bold ways that are both creative and get your message across. 

Are you particularly proud of your company’s history? A timeline of your significant events is a great use of a hallway or corridor wall. Passerbys will enjoy learning as they walk along and discover what led to where your company is today. 

You can also create some practical and functional designs with paint. Calendars can be created that can be updated with post its or by using chalk paint that can be written on. Maps can be painted on walls to display new location openings or breaking into a new market. These designs share information in a fun way that makes the workplace more fun.

  1. Make a Statement

Creative paint designs have the chance to make a huge statement. A wall is like a giant canvas, waiting to tell a story. It’s a good opportunity to share why your company is special. 

A mural is a stunning way to share a snapshot of your company’s story. A true to size image of your first storefront or a striking image of your company’s founders can be an awesome tribute. These are great ways to make your office stand out and add beauty to your space. 

Does your company have a background in innovation or construction? An oversized diagram of the first product you produced can add to the individuality of your office. A blueprint of a building your company constructed creates a unique display.

If your office is not located near your headquarters, your walls are a great way to pay homage to the city where you were founded. A mural of the skyline of your home city can make for an awesome paint design. You can also show your team spirit by creating a design that shows your support of your company’s hometown team. 

  1. Creating Faux Materials 

Paint gives you the chance to disguise your boring drywalled surfaces. You can create a whole different look and feel in your space by using paint designs that simulate other materials. This allows you to get the style the materials achieve at a much lower cost. 

Wood planked walls are so trendy right now and create a cozy, comfy feel in a space. It can make your office feel rustic and welcoming. This look can be created by painting faux wood planks onto the walls instead of the laborious task of installing actual wood.

Brick gives a space a cool, industrial vibe. Unfortunately, not all offices have exposed brick walls. By painting a faux brick wall, you get the same look at a fraction of the price.



You can completely change the vibe of your office space with well-chosen paint designs. Your workplace atmosphere can be altered by the design of the walls and decor. You can even influence the mood and efficiency of your employees with the colors you choose. 

With the amount of time you and your employees spend in the workplace, it’s important that the space be visually enjoyable. You want it to feel dynamic, creative, and reflective of your brand. The sky’s the limit with how you choose to use paint to express your company’s personality. 

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