Office Decoration Ideas You Might Have Completely Forgotten About


Organizing an office is a simple matter; yet, you would be surprised just how many elements of efficient office décor you are taking for granted. This means that once it’s time to move from your current office to the next one, you might make some important oversights that will drastically reduce the efficiency of your workplace. Keep in mind that this might result in a serious problem for your team and its productivity. In order to avoid this, here is a list of office decoration ideas you might have completely forgotten of.

  1. Leave enough room for the commute

The first thing you need to understand about office organization is the fact that it’s not about how many people you can cram into the office space. It’s about how many people you can fit so that they feel comfortable and have enough personal space. Now, without cubicles, personal space is somewhat harder to define, which is why you should probably assign a couple of inches more per employee than you feel necessary. Just remember that in the era of telecommuting you don’t have to switch to a bigger office as soon as you stay out of space.

  1. LED task lights

Every desk in the office needs its own task light, regardless of how strong the overall office lighting is. Now, remember that no matter the fixture type, an incandescent light bulb spends 4-8 times more energy to produce the same intensity of light as its LED counterpart. So, why not go with LED for all your task lights? Not only will this give you a chance to make your office greener but it will significantly lower your power bill. Remember, 4-8 times multiplied with the number of bulbs within the office isn’t a small thing.

  1. Boardroom table

While it is true that some meetings should be done via emails and while it is also true that an average office worker spends 31 hours each month in various meetings, it’s impossible to imagine an office without any meetings whatsoever. This is why you need a well-designed boardroom, which may include a whiteboard and a projector. Most importantly, however, you need to have a big enough boardroom table and enough seating for everyone. You can look up this vital piece of equipment online or, better yet, narrow down your search to your vicinity. So, for instance If you’re NSW based enterprise, you should look for boardroom tables Sydney suppliers.

  1. Visually manipulating the size of the place

A lot of people have, at one point, used methods like stripy patterns, low furniture and bright colours to make their living room look bigger. Nonetheless, they still underestimate the effect that this method could have on your office space. You see, having a place that looks too small may make some people feel claustrophobic or, at very least, uncomfortable. On the other hand, by visually manipulating the size of the place you get to fix this problem in a simple, effective and frugal manner.

  1. Organize work areas

Just because you may work in an open-floor office, this doesn’t mean that you can’t separate the place into areas. Sure, you may encourage your employees to communicate via their IM service, however, the privilege of working next to the person that you’re on the same project with is sometimes just too hard to ignore. This will make people talk, which is a powerful distraction to those trying to focus on their work. Instead, try to make imaginary dividers and group desks of people working together into clusters. Sure, this won’t solve the problem of audio distractions but it will at least minimize the negative effect.


The best thing about introducing these several office organization trends lies in the fact that they really don’t cost much in terms of resources. Most of these furniture pieces and elements already fit the budget and all you have to do is make these decisions count.

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