Newer Products Introduced in Electrical Accessories Supplies and Materials

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The choice of electrical accessories supplies and materials is now no more restricted to a few simple switches, plugs, and wires. There is a whole new range of products that are introduced that serve the same traditional and fundamental purpose but with a different touch and viewpoint. Operation of electrical devices and electrical equipment is now more simple, easy, and more convenient. Ideally, the electrical accessories include convenience outlets, male plugs, lamp holders, and lots of switches. It will also include fuses, circuit breakers, a junction box, and a utility box. Add to the materials supply list will also include flat cords, electrical wires, conductors, conduits and pipes, connectors, and clamps. So, for your home improvement, you need to contact with some electrical supplies, and they can provide you some safety tools and electrical devices for your rooms. In this case, you can also contact a licensed electrician and he can prepare the electrical component list which will be required for your project.

Types and Functions of Each Part

The huge list of electrical accessories supplies and materials consists of items that are essential for the smooth operation of electrical units and appliances. The types and functions can be summarized as follows:

  • Convenience outlet – This device is the source of electric energy for the appliances that hold the male plug. It may be fastened to the wall or connected to an extension cord and is available in single, duplex, or triplex types.

  • Male Plug – This conducts the electric current from the outlet through a flat cord attached to it. The other end of the cord is connected to the instrument.

  • Lamp Holders – As the name suggests it holds and protects the lamp. There may be different shapes and sizes of lamp holders such as flush, hanging or surface types.

  • Switch – This is used to connect and disconnect the flow of electric current to the circuit. You will get many different shapes, sizes, designs and types in it. Even today, they are available in different colors and designs. You can also choose some wall-mounted switches for your home improvement.

  • Fuse – This is a protective device for the circuit that blows automatically to prevent the current supply when there is an overload or short circuit. Apart from that, you may need to install a circuit breaker that is similar to a fuse.

  • Junction Box – This is usually an octagonal electrical material that connects or joins the wires. This can be made of plastic or metal Poly-vinyl-chloride.

  • Utility Box – This is a rectangular-shaped material made of plastic or metallic PVC used to attach the convenience outlets and switches.


Plyers and electrical equipment


  • Flat Cord – This is essentially a duplex stranded wire that is used for wiring installation. It comes in a roll of usually 150 meters in length and different sizes of gauge.

  • Electrical Wire and Conductor – This device is made up of multiple strands that are joined together to make a single wire of copper or aluminum and used for wiring installation in the building.

  • Conduits and Pipes – These materials are used for the passage of wires and for their protection of them. These also provide proper insulation and are made of rigid or flexible metallic conduit. It can also be a rigid or flexible nonmetallic or corrugated plastic conduit.

  • Clamps – These electrical accessories supplies and materials are used to anchor the electrical conduits in the proper position.

For your home, you may need a few other electrical accessories supplies and materials such as power strips, batteries and chargers, electrical tape, testers and tools. You will also need dimmers and receptacles, wall plates, adapters, timers, door chimes, and buttons. To fix the electrical accessories supplies and materials you will also need several solid wall fasteners, nail-in plugs, masonry anchors, hollow wall fasteners, self-drilling screws, and head torches in a few cases.

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