Methods to Follow for Preventing a Blocked Drain

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One of the major problems which people face as homeowners or office owners is the drain of that place. Even if you have a commercial property the drain is very important. Therefore, we have to make sure to maintain the drains so that we don’t end up with them getting blocked or clogged. It is an absolute nightmare if you do not have a proper drainage system. You must know that the blocked drain cannot be anticipated and even a minor problem could end up doing more harm to you than you can imagine. There is no absolute solution to this problem, however, there are ways to ensure that they do not occur regularly. Here is a list of ways we could follow to prevent blocked drains.

Proper installation

The first step should be to verify the installation of the pipe which leads to the main drain. This step is essential as it is necessary to check if the pipe is placed at the right angle or not. If the pipe fails to be placed at the right angle this could very well lead to a blocked drain. Hence, we should ensure that the installation of the pipe and drain has been done correctly. If you find that the pipe is wrongly placed or is situated at the wrong angle we should call the professionals immediately to have it fixed.

Installing mesh screens

The best way to ensure that the drain is free from external substances such as food particles, hair, waste etc. is to install a mesh screen which would stop these articles from going down the drain. This comes in very handy in situations of a blocked drain where you can just remove the mesh screen and dump the waste collected in the mesh. Your drain will then again be brand new.

Do not let grease pour down

Most of the time it is seen that the drains are clogged due to the grease which solidifies on the inside edges of the main pipe. This grease which solidifies is very hard to remove. Hence, it is best advised to not pour down grease through the drains as it would ultimately lead to a blocked drain. When the hot grease is poured down the drains they tend to stick to the inner edges of the pipe and create a thick inner lining in the pipe which blocks water from going down. Therefore, pouring down grease should be avoided at all costs.

Plumber fixing pipe work

These are just a few ways by which can help you in preventing blocked drain. However, you may find that sometimes nothing is effective and blocked drain just happen. This could happen for numerous reasons and you cannot help it at all. In such cases it is advised to either use a plunger and/or an auger which is a drain snake to clean out your blockage. You can also use the various bacterial cleaners which are available in the market to get rid of the blockage.

Thus, to work toward preventing blocked drain we should avoid dumping such stuff down the drain

  • Leftover oil from your night cooking, Grease, and Fat.

  • Chewing Gums should never be thrown down the drain as they are very difficult to get off and can cause us a great deal of problems.

  • Tampons, pads and other female hygiene products should not be dumped down the drain as it is seen that people dumping these products down the drain could cause a blockage which might become difficult to clear.

Hence, avoiding blocked drain permanently is not possible for anyone, therefore, prevention is better than cure is a saying which is apt in this situation.

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