Master Bathroom Remodelling: The Essentials


The ambiance of a luxury retreat and personal indulgence that was up until recently an exclusive domain of day spas, has now become the number one priority in master bathroom design. Elements of luxury, elegance and comfort are easily incorporated into standard master bathrooms and the only limitations are your own imagination and budget.

If you’re planning to renovate your en-suite bathroom and turn it into a customized sanctuary, these are the essentials to have in mind.


Style can sometimes be difficult to describe in words, but most of us have a clear vision in our minds of what we like. If you’re experiencing the same problem, finding inspiration in a book about decorating or paying a visit to showrooms might give you first-hand experience with bathroom designs and help you verbalise your own personal style.


For a master bath renovation, there’s no such thing as too luxurious or too peculiar. Tastes and preferences differ and it’s up to you to decide on the materials that appeal to you the most. Going over the top is absolutely allowed, as long as your budget allows it. The choice is vast, from granite countertops, marble tiles, free-standing soaker tubs to walk-in showers with multiple showerheads and steamers.


In order to create a custom floor plan for your master bathroom, you will need to carefully consider the space size, the existing layout and your needs. In case you want to change the layout, it’s quite likely there will be some major plumbing work involved, such as disconnecting, repositioning and reconnecting fixtures and fittings. For this, you need an experienced professional who will make sure you minimize the cost, maximize the results and stay within the agreed timeframe and budget.

For instance, this Canberra-based plumber  performs all plumbing work in your home, including planning, scheduling and collaborating with other tradespeople in order to give you the best possible end result. All you need to express are your exact wishes concerning the size of your tub, walk-in shower, dual sinks and marble countertops or any other detail that will satisfy your need for beauty, style and luxury.

Important details

When it comes to master bathroom remodelling, the essence is in the details, so make sure you go for high-end, luxurious elements. Add an extravagant or quirky vintage chandelier over your soaker tub, install a gas fire place for the extra cosy feel, and add built-in warming shelves or drawers for towels. If you can squeeze it into your budget, consider increasing the footage by adding on a dressing room with a walk-in closet, or even a massage table for a full spa-like vibe.

If you’re a tech fan and you need your gadgets in the bathroom with you, incorporate a state-of-the-art sound system and a flat TV screen into your design. In-mirror TV models are very popular now and are conveniently visible only when they’re on.

If you still prefer your master bathroom to be a serene and quiet oasis, take a pass on the loud TVs and music and go for soft materials for your window curtains, velvet tufted chaise longues and plush towels that will add that extra bit of luxury and a sophisticated final touch.

Evidently, you can get the master bathroom of your dreams without going through a nightmare of a renovation project, simply by following the tips outlined here. Make sure you have all the puzzle pieces together before you start and be realistic about what to expect in the end. A little creativity and a lot of resourcefulness will go a long way in securing you the master retreat of your dreams!  

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