Make Your Home Chic And Trendy For Sale!


Whenever we want to enhance the look, appeal and value of our home, we should consider some property styling. Even when you plan to sell the place you live in, there are things you can do to make it look more enticing to buyers. No matter if you’re styling and decorating for yourself or someone else, this is a fun process and we can say that 2020 will simply be abundant with amazing and tempting trends that people will want to try! So, to make your home chic, trendy and ready for sale, read what’s coming next and learn about the awesome trends of the upcoming year!

Green and sustainable   

The year 2020 is expected to be quite green and sustainable because an increasing number of people choose to go with exquisite beauty and style without harming our nature in any way. People are reusing old materials and they are being quite innovative when it comes to making vintage and old-fashioned items look contemporary and breathtaking. They are also adding details like a green wall or lots of plants in every room. Every corner is good for some greenery, which is not only great-looking but it’s healthy as well.

Strong focus on the texture

We don’t want our living room to look ‘flat’ and uninviting. To avoid something like this, texture plays a significant role here, and it looks like 2020 says hi to a trend of focusing strongly on bouclé. It started on the catwalk, but now this staple texture is used for a warm and inviting home. People like looped yarns in several subtle shades because they give a sophisticated but cozy feel.

If you aren’t sure how to keep ahead of trends and what to do to attract more buyers, you can always ask for the help of a professional. For instance, there are property stylists who always know exactly what to do to make a house look more appealing and be more functional. These life-savers can really help you in the time of need!

Plenty of natural light

Since people are adding so much greenery to their homes, it’s logical they will need a lot of natural light as well. Installing large windows or doors has been very trendy recently, and anything we do we can enjoy more when there is a lot of natural light. You can make a patio with walls of windows, and this can be a perfect blend of indoors and outdoors.

Bold colors and prints

In 2019, colors that were the most popular and searched were olive greens, rich bronzes, neutrals with pops of blue, jewel-toned accents, etc. It was a year of bold colors and prints and amazing combinations that are energizing. If you want to make your house more appealing and trendy, you can feel free to go for something audacious, like living corals or even darker moody colors. However, 2020 will also be a year of muted pink, baby blue and neo-mint green. You can also add dark ebony, walnut trims and furniture accents in steely grey.

Sociable and friendly

2020 will be all about creating a sociable place where you will be able to gather your family and friends, so you can think about placing two sofas close together in your living room. If your area is limited, you can put one sofa with a chair and add a footstool. It can also be used as a coffee table or an additional seat. That will create that sociable vibe we are aiming for.

Making a home trendy is not difficult at all, you just need to consider colors that are in and maybe add some greenery. You can also install large windows for more natural light and create a space with that cool sociable vibe. Follow these tips and everyone will want to buy your house for sure!

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