Maintaining the Pool Pump to Ensure Proper Operation

If your home has a pool, it is important to understand what items are necessary for the proper operation of your pool. Engaging a professional pool cleaning services to take care of your pool pump is essential for guaranteeing the life of your pool. Here are the details as to what a proper pump maintenance program for your pool should involve.

The pump needs to be serviced to deal with two specific areas mainly. The first is the mechanical seal. The second is the motor bearings. The mechanical seal is located between the electric motor and the wet end of the pump. The mechanical seal forms as seal around the shaft of the motor in order to prevent water from coming back to the shaft.

Mechanical seals can wear down over time and need to be replaced approximately every 2-3 years. The seal needs to be kept wet, otherwise it is likely to burn and cause leaks if the pump is ever run without water flowing through it. Make sure that you have a professional technician replace the mechanical seal right away if it begins to leak.

The motor bearings are another part that will wear out over time. The motor bearings are located on the motor and need to be replaced roughly every 4-6 years. When they are starting to wear down and are in need of replacement, they will start to grind or make other audible noises. These noises are an indication that the motor bearings have become dry or that there is a leak somewhere that is letting in water.

In order to detect these problems, a qualified pool service can inspect your pool to determine if any parts need to be replaced. The service can come out on a quarterly basis to diagnosis and repair any issues. In assessing these problems, the pool cleaning service will check to make sure that there is a continuous flow of water in the suction line of the pump. The cleaning service will then make sure that the O ring is lubricated and will check and clear both the pump strainer and pump impeller. Another check for debris near the mechanical seal will be done as well.

By taking care of your pool on a regular basis, you can ensure that it will last for years to come. If your pool is in need of maintenance or repairs, click here to contact qualified pool cleaning services today.

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