Know When To Call An Emergency Electrician


There are many situations that arise when we need to call the emergency helpline numbers; for example, in case of excess water leakage, we probably call a plumber or if there is a leakage problem in our roof, we call an emergency builder. Likewise, in case of short circuit or any other electrical damage, we call an emergency electrician. But most of the times, it has been seen that many people fail to call the expert emergency electrician at the right time.

Most of the electric problem occurs during the summers due to the excessive use of electrical appliances like air conditioners, fans, lights, etc. There are many cases when an emergency electrician has to be called for solving the problem. Some of the cases have been mentioned below:

Experts suggest that if any wire is exposed to water, switch off the power supply immediately and call an expert emergency electrician. They will solve the problem within seconds.

  • Exposed wiring is not safe. Exposed wiring even damages the appliances which it is connected to. It can cause severe or fatal electric shock if touched by bare hands. There is a risk of a short circuit as well which can lead to a fire. These problems generally arise when the wires are inappropriately insulated. Hence, in such cases give a call to an expert emergency electrician without delay.

  • The emission of smoke from an electric socket is one of the worst things to occur. Smoke from a wiring normally occurs when there is a spike or an electric surge. In such cases, you need to call an expert emergency electrician. Some of the things which should be taken care of during this time are as follows:

  1. Do not touch the wire whatever happens. This will never solve the problem but will lead to a more problematic situation.

  2. You can detect the problem by the pungent smell, so stay away from. Do not think of repairing it on your own.

  • If you are having a problem with an appliance for a long time, you should definitely call an expert emergency electrician without delay. One should not wait for the small repairable problem to become a massive one which can create a hazardous situation.

  • Another such situation when you need to call a helpline is when you hear a humming or buzzing sound from a breaker box. This shows that there is some damage to the box or it will soon cause trouble. This, if not repaired at the initial stage can cause a lot of problems.

  • At some points we can identify the fault in electrical equipment or wire is when we get an acrid or burning smell. In such cases, stay away from the problematic area and an electrician as fast as possible. Try to shut the power current until the electrician arrives.

The above mentioned are some of the cases when you should definitely call an expert electrician for help. It is not heroism or bravery to try to repair the problem on your own as the laymen mostly are unaware of the proper precautions and often end up harming themselves.


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