Know The Different Types Of Handyman Services Before Hiring


You may need Handyman Services every now and then in your office as well as in your home due to the constant wear and tear or to make minor changes here and there for making improvements. Calling a reliable handyman for different jobs now and then and working on different items may seem to be a worthy investment. However, if you do not know the types of services that feature in their worklist, you will not be able to make the decisive call.

The typical Handyman Services include:

  • Installation and repair of tiles in different areas, whether it is ceramic, stone, porcelain, or glass tiles

  • Working on attic insulation if you want your home to be more energy efficient

  • Improvement, repairs, and maintenance of bathrooms is also done, that includes shower and shower tiles, flooring, drywall repair, and others

  • Finishing repair and maintenance of decks, including sealing, painting, staining, sanding, power washing, fixing or cleaning

  • Drywall services, including handling cracks, sealing holes, repairing structural wear and moisture damage

  • Window repair and installation of any frame and type are also included in the indoor handyman service list.

As for the outdoors, their service includes:

  • Stucco repair

  • Gutter

  • Fence

  • Gutter guard 

  • Siding

  • Fascia and soffit

  • Wood rot and 

  • Dry rot

All these inclusions make their list the most comprehensive and exhaustive one, and you may call these professionals for one purpose or the other from time to time.

Features of a Handy Man

According to the definition of a handyman in Wikipedia, they are exceptionally skilled persons for jobs that involve home repair and maintenance work both in its interior and exterior. Though their jobs are often referred to as fix-up your jobs with Handyman Services cannot be looked down upon at any cost. 

Usually, they are paid workers who can provide you with both unskilled to highly skilled labour including painting, remodelling, furniture assembly, and minor plumbing and electrical work. In the olden days, these services were provided by men only, but now you will also find handywomen putting an end to male dominance in these jobs.

Looking for a Basement renovation in Toronto

handyman with hammer and a yellow hard hat

Though it is not possible to enlist all Handyman Services in one, apart from the mentioned above, the list may also include installation, cleaning, repair, maintenance and changing of items such as:

  • Kitchen 

  • Air conditioner

  • Barbecue pit 

  • Cabinets

  • Carpentry

  • Ceiling 

  • Concrete work

  • Countertops

  • Curtain

  • Doors

  • Dryer

  • Energy Updates

  • Fan

  • Fence

  • Fireplace

  • Flooring

  • Foundations

  • Framing

  • Garage doors

  • Heating systems

  • Home inspections

  • Home security systems many more etc.

Even then, this is not a complete list. Their services may include much more than these.

Categorizing the Handymen

Based on the different types of Handyman Services provided, a handyman can be categorized under different groups. 

  • You may call them ‘Jack of all trades who specialize in simple things. They are not mastering any of the services but have the basic knowledge of many things and they are efficient in doing minor repairs. They are those tradesmen who do not have any specific license or qualification in any specific areas of handyman services.

  • You can also call them a ‘To-do list tradesman’ as they are most convenient and outstanding to call for minor repair, installation, and cleaning services. Sometimes, they do even charge for a specific handyman job. They will charge you for the overall services provided and that too when all of those are completed successfully.

No matter by which name you call them and how you categorize them, you cannot do without Handyman Services. Therefore, make sure you have a few names in your contact list and keep it ‘handy!’.

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