Kitchen Planning: A one wall kitchen.

The "classic" kitchen design is the so-called kitchen triangle, using this design enabling the cook to move between the refrigerator, stove, and sink in a three-point, non-intersecting fashion. But an even more basic kitchen design layout than the triangle is the one wall kitchen design. So what is the one wall kitchen? Basically all major work zones of the kitchen are arrayed along one wall. Major work zones include the refrigerator, sink, and stove/oven. Minor work zones would include: microwave, trash compactor, dishwater, etc. 

Here are 4 tips to help you design a one wall kitchen. 

1. Shelving Using open shelves will make a kitchen looking light and airy and can provide much more storage than standard wall units. Placing corner shelf units on the ends will create more storage space and remove the plain flat ends. Attaching doors randomly with shelves in-between or co-ordinate with the units below will  break up a large expanse. 

2. Worktops Quartz, granite and stone worktops are pricey but the upside is they will make your kitchen look expensive. So spend less on the carcasses, handles, taps, sink and more on the worktop to create that special kitchen. For a cheaper option to stone, use real wood worktops to achieve the same expensive look. 

3. Lighting Good lighting is absolutely essential. Use spots under the wall units to maximize the lighting for the work surface. Installing dimmer switches can help create a more softer light romantic feel if you have an open plan kitchen. 

4. Appliances Appliances need to blend in well for a seamless finish. Go stainless steel all the way, but remember to keep a stash of E-Cloths handy to wipe off all those greasy finger marks.

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