Understanding Smart Ways of Keeping Garden Table Covers from Flying Away


Wind can completely ruin your grand outdoor events like family reunions, picnics, patio dinners, or tea parties. As per https://www.forbes.com, as the summer arrived while the COVID-19 was very much a menace, it became more important to spend some time outdoors. Even though ‘stay at home’ dictates had been withdrawn in several states, some restrictions were very much in place. Lots of people were cautious and went about practicing social distancing to a certain extent. People were looking forward to spending time outdoors. Hence, under dire circumstances, people were under pressure to consider creating a resort-type space in their own backyards. 

In the case you are thinking of having parties in your backyard and considering effective ways of keeping your table covers in place and preventing it from flying away on windy days, here are some smart and easy solutions. Now you can easily save your gala events from getting ruined. Wind cannot anymore play spoilsport and dampen your festive spirit and partying mood. 

Some Smart Ways to Prevent Your Patio Table Covers from Getting Displaced

Secure It Firmly with Table Cover Clips

Garden table cover clips are tools that have been crafted to hold your patio table covers in place in the event of a strong wind blowing. We understand that these clips would be the right fit for a majority of the outdoor tables, both the patio tables and picnic tables, and hold the table covers very much in place not allowing them from slipping or getting blown away on a windy day. These clips are easy to install ad can be taken off quite simply. They are usually made of plastic or stainless steel. The good quality clips would not cause any scratches or damages to your garden table covers. You have easy access to a branded premium clamp set that fits all kinds of rounded and rectangular tables and they promise to be pretty flexible and broad enough to fit standard, as well as, thick tables. 

Consider Using Apt Heavy Tablecloth Weights

A very smart and effective solution is to consider attaching table cover weights to the corners for keeping the cover very much in place. There are numerous options available today. However, some of them are not known to perform effectively in the event of storms and strong gusts of winds. There is some high-quality stuff that is able to tackle the worst windstorm and ensure that your patio table covers are secured and do not fly away. Party decorators have found that cast-iron weights for your table covers are best as they look vintage and small, but at the same time, they are heavy enough to keep your table covers very much secured in place. They are great for preventing your beautiful vinyl, cotton, or even plastic covers from flying away.

Consider Placing Heavy Rocks Strategically on the Corners of the Table

In the case, you do not have readily available weights or clamps, there is no reason to lose heart, and you can consider improvising a bit by trying some conventional tricks. This is surely a DIY method that is easy and really simple. You may just place some heavy items like bricks and rocks on top of your table cover along the table’s edges. This is a tried and tested traditional way of keeping your table covers from flying away on a windy day when the table is not in use.


You may try out the above smart solutions to keep your patio table covers from blowing away on a windy day. Moreover, you may try using the duct tape that could work for a while in light winds but may not be a pretty sight. Alternatively, you may consider using rubber bands for tying the table cover corners to keep the cover securely in place.

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