It’s Time for a Fix: 5 Signs That You Need to Repair Your Roof


Two factors can quicken the loss of aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home’s roof: age and weather. But, despite the signs of wear and tear on the roof, some homeowners often wait for eons before they contact a roof maintenance and repair service. Of course, it’s not hard to understand these homeowners because roof repair is rather expensive nowadays.

Depending on the damage that calls for repair, the average cost of it can go around 500 to 1,000 dollars. Thus, this question needs an answer: what are the signs that your roof needs repair? For a little help, here’s an article that would answer that question.

Discoloration on the Wall and Ceiling

You can look for stains and brown sports around the ceiling and wall of your house to tell if your roof needs repair. Discoloration on the wall and ceiling means that there’s damage to the underlayment and shingles and, because of it, rainwater goes through the roof.

Ask yourself, is it time for a roof upgrade? Well, if yes, it’s now time to contact a roof repair and maintenance service near you to identify where’s the leak and fix the damage right away.

Loose Shingles

Loose shingles from your roof are one of the signs that your roof is damaged. If you notice some sandy black granules filling up the gutters, chances are those granules come from your damaged roof. In this case, you need to call for a repair or replacement for it.

You can’t notice this sign immediately if your home doesn’t have gutters. However, you can point to the damage if you check for discoloration on the roof. Irregular spots and lighter areas on your home’s roof means that it’s losing shingles.

Roof is Sagging

There’s a major structural problem if the roof of your home is sagging. In this case, it’s advisable to not wait for a long time before you call for a repair service because this structural problem can cause accidents in your home.

Basically, the number one factor why your roof is sagging is damaged foundational supports and decking. This kind of repair would cost a significant amount of money. That’s why it’s also practical on your part to just replace the damaged roof with a new one.

Sunlight Coming Through the Attic

Another indicator that your roof needs to get a check-up by a roof repair service is when you see rays of sunlight peeping through the attic. It could mean your roof has leakage. And if sunlight can go through it, so as rain, snow, and cold air.

You can do a DIY patching-up of the roof if it only has minor leaks. However, if you see extensive damage and if the roof already passed its lifespan, you should call for a professional to repair or replace the damaged roof.

The Shingles are Curled and Cracked

The roof shingles are the easiest area for a checkup if your roof has damage. Aside from loose shingles, which was mentioned above, you can also know if your roof has damage if the shingles are curled or cracked.

The harsh weather in your area and the age of the roof are two of the factors why the roof shingles get out of shape. In this case, it’s a must that you check your roof every time a storm passes in your area. After you notice that there is damage on the roof shingles, you can contact a roof repair immediately.


It’s crucial that you provide regular checkup and maintenance of your roof. It’s because the roof is the one that provides insulation to your household and gives style to the exterior of your home.

You can look for signs that your roof needs repair. You should see if the roof is not sagging, doesn’t have discoloration, and if the shingles are in excellent shape. If there’s damage, it’s advisable that you call for a roof repair service right away.

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