Interior Design inspiration: Color In Nature 2019

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Interior designers are well into the year. 2019 has only begun, but plans are drawn up, materials are ordered and the trends expected are even now being realized. As projected, interior designers are leaning toward colors of nature. This does not mean muted colors. Actual colors found in nature are much or exciting. The various woods can be as simple as pine and oak or can breathe elegance into a room with walnut or cherry.  Look for sea green, sandy tan, and sky blue. Coral reefs, deep greens of the rainforests, and blue and grey lines that create the splendor of granite. Colors found in nature is more about their tone and placement than their hue.

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Designer Choices

The standard rule of small places need light colors and large areas can be tamed with a deep and rich color stands. You can have a balanced, well thought out room, but if it makes your guests feel crowded, it is wasted effort.

Three color schemes you will see throughout the year include:

  • Neutrals

    • Clay

    • Gray

    • Hazelnut

    • Peanut

  • The accent color of the year:

    • Living coral

    • Rust

    • Terra cotta

  • Prime colors for larger rooms

    • Forest Green

    • Sage

    • Olive

    • Dark Teal

The Kitchen

The most requested items for the DIY home designer is kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is the most important room in the house. This is where everyone comes together. This is where we share our meals, talk over our problems, and entertain a neighbor. An up-to-date kitchen can add $25,000 to $35,000 dollars to the price of your home if you sell. Consequently, if you have an outdated kitchen, it significantly lowers the price. People do not want to have to remodel a kitchen as soon as they move in.

Photo credit: Millie Eaton

The first impression of a kitchen usually depends on the cabinets and countertops. The good news is the most popular cabinet is the Shaker Cabinet. The Shaker Cabinet has held the lead in this area for many years. Designed in the 1800s by a religious organization, Shaker cabinets are perfect for any decor. The traditional Shaker cabinet is white. But they can be ordered in various wood tones. They are sturdy and are often RTA (ready to assemble) direct to your home.  

There are many pros to buying these beautiful cabinets, but it is the few cons that frighten people. So, let’s address the cons of getting your cabinets online.

  1. You do not get to see your cabinet up close and personal.

  2. Fear of assembly

    1. People envision slabs of wood and bolts all over the floor

  3. What if there is a mistake in the measurements and there is no one to ask.

Why you should not fear.

Technology has given consumers the perfect shopping experience with virtual showrooms. Take all the time you need to look at the styles, colors, and options. Look at traditional, American, and European cabinets from the comfort of your own home. Take all the time you need. If you have questions, call or email for service that is much faster than having a contractor come to you.

RTA cabinets arrive in flat boxes that can easily be stacked in a garage or a spare room. They come with very easy, detailed instructions that anyone can follow. If you need help, experts are a phone call away.

The good thing about RTA cabinets is they are versatile. If you find a problem, there is a reasonable solution.

It is important that you work with a quality company, with a solid record.

Other insider information

Interior designers are selecting granite or marble countertops. Stone is also popular. Pull your look together with a matching backsplash. Step away from the tile countertop. It had its moment in the sun, but as soon as people had to scrub the grout, it faded.

Regardless of the color schemes you select, add plenty of green in the form of house plants. An herb garden in the kitchen window is always a fragrant and pretty addition.

Stick with hues of your base color throughout the rooms, but add splashes of color. Don’t be afraid of lip colors. Fresh color on your sofa will give your room a breath of fresh air.

Stick with natural fabrics. Think of cotton, wool, and linen are good choices.

This year promises to be a year to remember in the world of remodels. Now is the time to begin. You can have the home of your dreams before summer.  The next time the holidays come around, you will enjoy them

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