Interior Design for a Small Room

If you are decorating a small room, it can be difficult to figure out how to make the room seem less cramped. While selecting furniture and décor items carefully can help, the easiest way to make the room seem larger is to select colours carefully. Here are a few tips on using colour to make a room seem larger.

  • Use Different Tones of the Same Hue

Using different tones of the same hue in the entire room can make the room seem larger. Using only one colour in the room can make it seem larger. White is a good colour to use in a small room and you can vary the hues by using a different shade of white on the wall than on the ceiling.

  • Use Mirrors

Mirrors can be a big help to create the illusion that there is plenty of space in a room. A mirror that has been placed strategically will reflect the light sources in the room. Make sure to place the mirrors at least at head height.

  • Glass Furniture Can Help to Create Space

Implementing glass furniture such as a glass table can help the room to feel larger. Glass furniture creates an illusion that the furniture does not take up a lot of space.

  • Opt for Round Furniture

Furniture that is round, such as a table with a round top, can help to create a larger looking room. You should also make sure that the furniture does not cut off any areas of the room which can make the room seem smaller because it is difficult to navigate.

  • Use Natural Light

Letting more light into the room can make the room seem larger. If you want to maximize this effect, place mirrors opposite the source of natural light so that it is reflected around the room. To increase the amount of light that comes in, don't use heavy window treatments in a small room. Lighter window treatments should be used instead. You can also select window treatments that are light in colour or are made from light fabrics such as cotton or synthetic fabrics.

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