Interior Design: Chinese Altar Tables

There are few pieces that can be considered as an absolute must for a home and are also timeless. One of these items is the Chinese altar table. A Chinese altar table in an entryway, or any other area of your home, can do wonders to bring the design aspects of your home together. Here is some information on Chinese altar tables and how you can utilise them in your home.

Altar tables are a centuries old aspect of Chinese homes. Traditionally, these tables were known as a gong an, or temple table. These tables were used as a means of worshipping and honouring ancestors at home via daily offerings. The tables come in various heights and sizes.

Antique and Vintage Tables

Antique and vintage altar tables are widely available, however it can be difficult to tell the difference between an antique and a modern manufactured table to the untrained eye. A seamless winged top is often an indication that the table is an antique original, however this method doesn't always work. Modern tables are often put together using glues and nails. Therefore, if the table is held together by pegs, that can be a good indication that it is an original.

Where to Place a Chinese Altar Table

Altar tables can be used in a number of different ways around the house including as a vanity, sofa table, accent table or kitchen island. Depending on the size of the altar table, you can also use it as a media stand, bar or buffet or as a decorative table for the entryway of your home.

Altar tables are designed to be focal points for spaces so you should always make sure to place your accent table so that it is as visible as possible. Finally, the accent table should also be carefully selected so that it matches the overall décor and mood of the space. 

Check for Certifications

If you want to buy a vintage or antique Chinese altar table, then you should make sure to check for the certifications that the piece is an original. In addition, work only with antiques dealers that can provide proper certification for the table that you want to buy in order to ensure that you get what you paid for.

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