Installing the right shower.

In Singapore water is a premium and the costs can be high. Having a bath is a costly business and due to this, most people don't have baths in their homes. More and more people are having showers install in place of baths, so it is important to know what shower is right for your home. 

Hot water for showering is provided either by a stored hot water system or by an instantaneous heater of some description that heats the water on demand. One could argue therefore that; 'in general terms', that there are only two different types of showering system: 

Instantaneous electric shower: A direct acting appliance such as an electric shower, which heats the water as it is drawn through the unit. 

Mixer valve shower: A shower that uses the same water system, that feeds your taps in the bathroom, kitchen, and utility room etc.. Often referred to as a mixer shower.

Instantaneous direct acting electric showers 

Electric showers are the easiest showers to install in terms of compatibility with existing water heating systems and locations throughout the home. They draw water direct from the mains water supply and heat it as it is used for showering. It can be used in most domestic showering applications e.g. over the bath, shower cubical's, shower rooms etc. 

Higher kilowatt output showers have gone a long to help overcome some of the disadvantages of poor flow; (10 kilowatt showers are the equivalent of over 3 immersion heaters or 10 x 1 kilowatt bars on an electric fire) but to some an electric appliance fitted in the bathroom is perceived as a safety risk. 

This is not the case, providing it is properly installed, by a trained contractor who knows what he is doing. Electrical appliances are often associated with water for example the kettle, washing machine or the electric cooker, which needs frequent washing. 

Gravity Fed Mixer Shower

Imagine a set of taps with a temporary, rubber, hand-shower attachment. The idea is very simple, you pre heat the water in your cylinder then turn the hot and cold taps to blend the water to achieve a comfortable showering or rinsing temperature. Mixer showers work on the same principal they are easy to install as they do not need any electrical connections, and work by blending hot and cold water together. They are ideal if you have an abundant supply of stored hot water. The success of these types of shower is determined by the capacity of stored hot water that is available, and from a users point of view, the flow rate of water that is achieved from the shower  . 

To find out if you have gravity system; first check to see if you have a lagged 'hot water cylinder', these are most commonly located within an airing cupboard. Secondly check to see if you have a 'cold water storage tank', this will most likely be situated in your loft or in older properties, perhaps in the top of a cupboard within your bathroom.

Installing a shower is by far the best way to start saving money. Remember find out what your water supply is and you are halfway to getting a new shower installed. If you are not sure then contact a plumber and ask them to have a look. 

If you are wanting to change or repair a shower? We can help you find a plumber.

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