Increase Your Summer Fun With These Home Improvement Projects


Summer is definitely the time to do home renovations. You need the outdoor temperature to be a certain degree for roofing, cement work and other home improvement projects. Also, you don't need to bundle up, and it's easier to get materials and drive around. Still, you want to make the most impact with the least amount of effort. After all, you want to have time for fun.

Front Yard

It's time to make things easier on yourself so you can live it up this summer and have fun throughout the rest of the year. Life can be hard enough without trying to keep a lush, green yard. Don't get rid of your prized rose bushes if you've been growing them most of your adult life, but consider low maintenance plants and ground coverings that you can add to your yard.

Succulents are drought resistant and don't require much water. They have beautiful shades of green, red and purple. Mix a variety of succulents to create a rainbow effect. Some succulents also have flowers. For your yard, you can pair a jade plant with red beauties or other varieties of succulents. The wonderful thing about succulents is that you don't have to collect seeds for them. You can break off a piece, stick it on top of the soil, and it will grow. You can also use ground covering that grows without much water.


It's time to maximize your backyard to create the most fun. For your backyard, you want to focus on a clean space to walk and entertain. Creating a deck surrounded by beautiful rocks is a quick easy way to streamline the appearance of your backyard, and it's easy to clean. However, you can put down bricks cobblestone or regular cement. You'll want to focus on keeping shade. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. You can use umbrellas, a pergola, a shade wall or simple trees. Shade provides a cooling effect. When the weather gets cooler, you can use these options to help to contain heat to a degree with the use of outdoor heaters, fire pits and fireplaces.


If you desire a new look for your kitchen, consider changing the appearance of your cabinets and flooring. You can change your cabinets in a number of ways without tearing your entire kitchen apart. You don't have to remove your cabinets to make your kitchen look new. You can take off the doors to your cabinets and install glass kitchen cabinets. Glass doors makes your kitchen look more open. You'll want to paint the interior or otherwise make it presentable if you choose glass doors. However, you can choose veneers to give the appearance of a completely changed wood and stain look. Painting cabinets and installing new knobs is another option. For flooring, consider easy square vinyl tiles, snap-in wood laminate flooring, or strip down your flooring to the concrete and polish it.

Living Room

The living room is the second most popular place in the house. It's where you watch movies, play games and lounge. This summer you'll want to keep it cool and make sure it's equipped for all of your summer fun. You'll want either a sectional or a sofa and loveseat combination that's made from leather or another material that's easy to clean up and comfortable to sit or lie down on. If you want ottomans or a coffee table, make sure they have storage. If you have a large space, you might want to keep your existing furniture there, but if you have a smaller room, try to keep everything else you need for the living room on the walls. You can do this with baskets, wall mounts, shelves and other creations.

After you've made these or other changes to your home, take the time to enjoy your creations. Savor each moment, and find new ways to have fun in and outside your home.

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