Important Reasons For Home Renovation


Owning your own home is one of the best feelings in the world. You are the ruler of your own castle, it's sovereign, its king or queen. No need to worry about rent, about giving money to somebody else. Every single thing you do with this home, every single investment, improvement, piece of hard work and development, it all leads to you achieving something better. A nicer home, a nicer place, something you can pass on to your children. However, this also means you need to maintain the place, and to renovate it form tie to time.

Namely, home renovation means you are keeping and improving its market value. You also get a place that is, to put it simply, nicer to live in. Not to mention that it’s a great opportunity to improve a bit, to add something new, something exciting. If you are getting a bit frustrated with your home, bored, or a bit stir crazy, some extra renovation just might do the trick. Or perhaps it’s simply a bit old and in need of some freshening up.  It doesn’t matter how large a project is though. It can be complete remodel, or maybe something simple, like a new coat of paint for your walls.

Now, renovating isn’t easy. It requires lots of hard work and dedication, and not everybody can pull it off. Basically, you need some pretty good reasons and rationales if you want to get your home ready for renovation. We have compiled a list of reasons that might just help you figure out whether you need to renovate or not. Read on to find out exactly why you should renovate.

Your house is falling apart

First things first – the most important reason is that to put it simply, your house needs it. It might be falling apart, or it might just require hard repairs. Maybe the entire thing needs some heavy-duty project to get going – like getting your foundations under control or replacing your roof entirely. Or, perhaps everything is fine but your porch is a bit wobbly and could become dangerous. Maybe the stairs in your house are problematic, or maybe your rooms are a bit shabby.

Namely, a leaky roof, rotting floorboards, a porch getting eaten slowly by termites – all these require hard work and lots of improvement and remodelling if you want them to not get worse. At first, your floors are creaky and a board or two is chipped. A month or two later and it can rot completely through, turning into a serious tripping hazard. 

Besides structural issues, maybe your carpets are falling apart, or your appliances are due for an upgrade. Your tiles are cracked, your bathtub is in bad shape, or your walls need a new coat of paint pronto. 

Understand that every single issue that might need renovation will end up hurting you a lot more in the long run. Replacing your gutters isn’t that easy, but its nothing compared to fixing your foundations if they overflow and allow water to seep into the structural framework of your house. 

You consider it an investment

A house isn’t just a place you can live in, it’s also a very tangible, real asset. Due to housing market prices and the economy in general, a house will never lose its value (if it’s maintained). Quite the opposite really, it will only get more and more valuable if you take care of it properly. And this is only maintenance we are talking about – upgrades will get you even greater returns. This means that every investment and improvement you make for your house will pay for itself in one form or another.

Think of your home like having some extra money in the bank. You can either give it to your children, or you can save it up and let it serve as a kind of emergency fund. Namely, if push comes to shove and you get into some kind of trouble, you can always sell it. The investments you made will then basically pay for themselves. Furthermore, this won’t just influence its price, but also just how easy it will be to actually sell it. 

Even if you plan to not stay in a place for more than five years you can still expect something like this to be very lucrative, and very cost-effective. 

You have the money and the time

A simple reason you should renovate your home is that you simply can. Now, we know this sounds a bit out there, but trust us, we are not advising you to spend frivolously, or to simply burn money. Quite the opposite really. This reason is closely tied to the previous one – your house is an asset that is always increasing in value.

When you have money in the bank, it’s just there – it's sitting in a vault, it’s not growing, and it’s not becoming larger. Sure, interest rates are nice, but they aren’t anything of substance, you won’t really make a fortune in this way, far from it. However, investing in your home, even if you don’t really want that pool, advanced kitchen, or a new porch won’t hurt. You will certainly enjoy all these things, and if you are more practical-minded, they are things that make your asset become stronger, larger, more financially sound, more valuable. 

Of course, one part of that is money, the other is time. If you have some free time, or if your work is set up in a way that allows you to be there for the renovations, then you should seriously consider getting a home renovation done pronto.

Your home is outdated and old

There is classy and distinguished, and then there is out of date. An old house, dignified, warm, in a pleasant style that is all about the old-timey, classic look that doesn’t seem to exist anymore is a real treasure, a rarity that needs to be kept safe, sound, and protected. On the other hand, a fire hazard with poor electronics, old wood, stained walls, and worn carpets just seems ragged.

It’s also rather interesting what we consider old but classy, and what we consider outdated. Some styles seem to be in fashion for ages. Other styles just make you look like you’re living in the past. So, a good remodel is a great way to catch up with the times. 

Now the amount of work will of course vary. Maybe what you need is a nice remodel of your kitchen, new cabinets, new furniture, maybe some new tiles. On the other hand, maybe you need a good home renovation loan and get things really going. Completely revamping your home’s look, both became of fashion and because of safety, can do you wonders.

More space

A simple and completely valid reason – you want more space. Maybe your family is growing, or you now have the means to get more rooms. Maybe you have more things you want to store, or perhaps there are special improvements you are thinking off. A nice home gym, your very own den, a library, or simply getting each of your kids their own room – all wonderful and clear reasons you should improve your home. 

Having every member of the household crawling on top of each other can be maddening, and getting everybody their own space can be just the thing you need to get some harmony and peace in your place. 

There are several ways you can do this, of course, depending on your budget and your needs. Maybe adding another floor to the building can be just what you require. Or, a new wing to your house, maybe improving your basement, or simply adding a guest host. 

Better home set up

Maybe you actually have all the space you need and more, but simply haven’t found the time to set it up properly. For example, a guest bedroom that doesn’t get used at all – all your friends and family members prefer a hotel. Maybe your large dining room simply isn’t practical and useful for the parties you like to host. Your attic is filled with junk, and your basement serves like a hoarder’s paradise. A good house renovation can help you make the most out of these areas.

Namely, it’s a shame to keep your basement and attic as storage places. Why not invest in them a bit, get something new and interesting there. First, decide where you are going to store all that extra junk (if you’re going to keep it all, that is). Then, hire someone to renovate these places. You can use your attic or your basement as game rooms. Get a pool table, or a home theatre system. How about turning your basement into a complete home gym? Get some exercise machines in there, a set of weights and benches, as well as a punching bag. Maybe even have a small section dedicated to yoga and pilates, with a floor covered with the right materials. 

The point here is that you want to use the space you have to its full capacity. It’s a shame if it’s just staying like that, sitting empty, unused and neglected. 

You feel restless

Maybe it’s a thing as simple as you feeling restless. Namely, do you feel the urge to leave? Are you sick of your house, do you feel like it's not really a home to you anymore? Is it suffocating, constraining? Do you simply feel like you don’t want to be here anymore? Well, don’t move just yet. Maybe renovating is the answer to your problem.

Namely, home renovation can help you resurrect your old place. It can allow you to feel like you’re at home again, without going to drastic measures. A simple renovation can refresh the place a bit, get some extra excitement in your life.

Of course, if the neighbourhood and city you are in are chocking you, if you feel like you’re suffocating and need something greater, then sure, move. But if it’s just your home, do think on whether less drastic measures are required.

It doesn’t fulfil your needs anymore

On the opposite end of the spectrum in comparison with the previous point, maybe what you truly want is to stay in the area, in your streets and neighbourhood, but your home simply doesn’t meet your needs. And while you might be thinking about moving and buying a new house, a renovation, no matter how drastic and dramatic, might be the thing you need. 

Namely, your house might be too small, or you don’t like the style, but at the moment of your buying it, it was all that you wanted or needed (or could simply afford). However, you also fell in love with the area, your kids love the neighbourhood and the school they go to give them anything you need. Moving away for a larger or nicer house will not give you what you need. So, even if the cost of extending the home might be substantial, maybe the renovations you want are equivalent to buying a new one, you should still consider staying. 


And there you have it folks, some very important reasons why you should renovate your home. Some are rather simple – you need more room, you want something new. Other times it’s vital, whether you want to or not. Your home might be in such a state of disrepair that you have no other choice but to repair it if you want to stay safe.

 On the other hand, maybe you have fallen in love with the neighbourhood, and would rather renovate it extensively and have it match your needs instead of renovating. Maybe you are just tired of living in an outdated house and you want to take matters into your own hands. Finally, it could be simple math and being smart about your money, and considering your home as a serious and real investment. Not letting your money go to waste, but allowing it to grow, is also a good reason.

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