Importance of Floor Hatch to a Basement


Most commercial buildings have basements because of the many benefits they can provide. Usually, building owners utilize basements to use as an extra retail space, car park, club, and sometimes even an office space. But in some cases, the basement will encounter several problems that can cause a significant inconvenience for the building and the tenants. 

One problem that basements experience is water leaks. While you may think that it’s not a problem, that’s where you’re wrong. The water becoming stagnant in basements is never a good sign, so contractors would usually install an efficient drainage system. In some cases, contractors would even install floor hatches. 

Why Install Floor Hatches?

During rainy weather, it’s unavoidable that your basement will get wet, primarily if used as a parking lot where vehicles come and go all the time. Apart from vehicles bringing in water, the basement entrance can also let water enter the basement. You should know that your basement has several components connected to the building. 

The only way you can protect them is to install floor hatches. Most floor hatches have a rubber gasket around their frame, ensuring that water will never penetrate and damage components behind their surface. In most cases, even the slightest moisture can cause significant damage to the system. You can find several benefits when you install floor hatches. 

Provide Component Protection

Besides moisture, your basement needs floor hatches that can withstand heavy pressure loads. You might use your basement as a parking space for your building, and you’ll never know when vehicles will drive over the floor door. Fortunately, you can buy floor hatches that can withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure or even more, depending on the specifications. 

You need to talk with your contractors about the different vehicle sizes your parking space will hold. A vehicle might park right above the floor hatch, and the prolonged pressure can bend it. Your contractor needs to ensure that they choose the right floor hatch specifications to protect the building components and the vehicle from damage. 

Prevent Building Damage

Water damage doesn’t mean that only building components will get destroyed and other parts such as the foundation, walls, and even floors. The basement will usually have pillars, which serve as an additional foundation for your commercial building. If water passes underneath the pillars, it can slowly damage the foundation and cause the building to be completely uneven. And when a building starts becoming uneven, it can slowly damage different areas like the floors. 

Prevent Basement Flooding

Some commercial buildings have problems with their basements because it floods frequently. Even with extensive repairs and waterproofing, water would still penetrate and cause water damage to the things stored in the basement. If you want to keep your basement completely dry at all times, don’t forget to install floor hatches because they can provide efficient protection from water.

You can find some commercial buildings that would use floodtight floor hatches, which is the best floor hatch at protecting large amounts of water. Even if the water stays stagnant in the basement for a long time, you won’t have any worries about the water penetrating through floodlight floor hatches. You can even install floor hatches to protect the basement from getting flooded.

Even if your contractors install the floor hatches correctly, the problem could potentially lie on the floor hatches themselves because of their unreliable materials. Fortunately, you can recommend your contractors to turn to Access Doors and Panels to supply them with durable, long-lasting floor hatches. 

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