Home Improvement Ideas To Keep You Busy During Quarantine 


If you’re stuck at home during quarantine, you might as well make good use of your time by completing some home improvement projects. You don’t have to be a licensed contractor or interact with groups of people to complete these projects. Every house could use a little TLC, so pick a project and jump in.

Improve Your Outdoor Space

Now is the perfect time to plant some beautiful flowers or shrubs. Coreopsis and marigolds, for example, love the summer sun. A nice backyard is a perfect place to social distance responsibly, so get yours in shape. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s easy to employ a lawn service Jacksonville FL or your town to get rid of the weeds and create a lush carpet of green. After so many weeks cooped up, this is the perfect opportunity to get your yard in shape.

Pressure Wash Your Exterior

Pressure washing your house is the grown-up version of playing in the sprinkler. It’s a great home improvement activity on a hot day. You can rent or buy a gas or electric pressure washer depending on your needs. There is a certain art to washing outdoor spaces like vinyl siding, bricks and decks, so it’s best to spend a few minutes learning what type of nozzle works best on what surface. Pressure washing really gives your whole house a facelift.

Paint a Room or Two

Being stuck in the house may not seem like a great time to start painting rooms, but it actually is a great time for a painting project. For one reason, everyone can pitch in, so it gets done faster. Having a team help you move or cover furniture and lay drop cloths really speeds the process along. Plus, if you must live in the space, you’re less likely to procrastinate finishing. The trending color of the season is warm beige. Grays appear to be out, so take this into consideration before you begin painting a room.  

Upgrade Your Windows

Hurricane season is upon us, so use the time when there is no storm in sight to upgrade your windows. Impact windows offer all sorts of protection because they are thicker and harder to shatter. Not only do they protect you from flying debris, but they also block outside noise. Some brands offer UV protection which will prevent your furniture from fading. All around, impact windows are a wise investment, but if you’re not ready to redo the entire house, start with the windows most in danger of getting hit by flying tree limbs.

Update Your Window Treatments

Maybe you still have a gold and maroon swag curtain over your living room window. And maybe it’s not the most up-to-date backdrop for your Zoom calls. If so, it might just be the time to update your window treatments. Simplicity and minimalism are trendy. Coastal blue is popular for curtains with wide grommets that slide on simple bars. Rattan and light wooden shades are also popping up. Blinds that scroll from the bottom up are gaining popularity as they allow in light without sacrificing privacy.

Exchange Your Cabinet Pulls

Your drawer and cabinet pulls may be fine, but could they be better than fine? Updating drawer pulls is an easy job for an afternoon that can create an entirely new look for a kitchen or bathroom. Pulls are easy to order online if you know what type of screw is in the back (one or two) and the size of the plate. Most likely there will be some discoloration when you pull the old knob off, so you will want the new pull to be of equal or larger size. If your knobs are fancy, consider simplifying. If they’re the same color as the cabinets, consider jewel toned. If you want to create an eclectic look, consider unique or mismatched knobs.

There is no excuse to delay a home improvement project when you’re home anyway. Make good use of your time so quarantine will stop being “those weeks you sat around the house doing nothing” and instead become “those weeks we made the house better.”

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